Simultaneous Heat and Momentum Transfer in Two-Phase Film Systems at Low Pressure
On the Determination of the Surface Temperature of an Evaporating Liquid
Heat-Transfer Intensity in Boiling of Binary Mixtures of Hydrocarbons
Effect of the Products of Plasma-Chemical Transformations on the Properties of a Plasma and Its Dynamic Behavior
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Breakup of Unstable Drops and Bubbles at a Vibrating Cylindrical Nozzle
Modeling of Centrifugal Rotary Plate Foam Breakers
Water-Shift Reaction in the Intertubular Space of a Reactor for Steam Reforming of Natural Gas
Thermodynamic Analysis of the Possibility of Hydrogen Production by Oxidation of n-Butane, n-Pentane, and Carbon by Oxygen-Containing Nitrogen Compounds
Technology of New Materials with Controlled Properties in Integrated Industrial Waste Treatment
Analysis of Fe2O3 and Fe3O4 Dissolution Kinetics in Terms of the Chain Mechanism Model
Kinetics of Zinc and Mercury Oxidation by Iodine in Organic and Aqueous-Organic Media
Influence of Surfactants on the Rate of Decomposition of Apatites by Mineral Acids
Kinetic Studies on Karlıova Coal1