Evolution, Goals, and Objectives of Chemical Engineering
Carbon Nanofibers
Kinetic Model of Depth Filtration with Reversible Adsorption
Mathematical Modeling of Flows of Heterogeneous Media over Rotating Permeable Surfaces
Thermal Instability of Evaporation
Steady States of Reactive Distillation
Distillation of Multicomponent Mixtures of Higher Aliphatic Acids in Thermally Coupled Distillation Systems
Basic Properties of Tie-Line Vector Fields of Two-Phase Ternary Mixtures
Closed Mode of Gas-Separation Membrane Modules
New Algorithm for Constructing Models of the Chemical Reaction Kinetics in the Quasistationary and Quasiequilibrium Approximations
Theory of Gravity Separation of Particles from Liquid in Cocurrent and Countercurrent Thin-Layer Settlers
Technological Aspects of Adsorption Catalytic Removal of Organic Impurities from Industrial Gas Emissions
Gas Adsorption in Electric Field
Effect of an Electrostatic Field on the Vapor Condensation on a Liquid Film
Physical Meaning of Reaction Rate Constant in Euclidean and Fractal Spaces by the Example of Thermal Oxidative Degradation of Polymers
Calculation of the Heats of Combustion of 1-Alkenes