Hybrid of Pervaporation and Condensation–Distillation Crystallization
Marangoni Instability in Evaporation of Binary Mixtures
Modeling of Heat and Mass Transfer during Bubble Formation in Bubblers
Dependence of the Composition of Multicomponent Azeotropes on Pressure
Dynamics of Unsteady-State Catalytic Distillation in a Packed Column with a Varied Length of the Reaction Zone
Analysis of Temperature Dependence of Rates of Heterogeneous Plasmachemical Processes
Structural Parameters of Mono- and Bidisperse Porous and Composite Systems
Estimation of Structural Characteristics during Drying of Molded Organic and Organomineral Biogenic Materials
Modeling of the Mixing of Particulate Materials in Continuous-Circulating Mixers
Application of a Fractal Model of Chain Mechanism to Analysis of the Kinetics of Dissolution of Ferric Oxide in Hydrochloric Acid
Analysis of the Mass Transfer in Acid Decomposition of Phosphorus-Containing Raw Material
Calculation of the Velocity of Free Settling of Solid Particles in a Newtonian Liquid
Automated Synthesis of a System for Purification of Gas Emissions of Multiproduct Small-Scale Chemical Plants
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