Immersion Tomography of a Gas–Liquid Medium in a Granular Bed
Evaluation of the Effect of the Coriolis Force in Swirling-Flow Apparatuses
Cyclic Liquid-Phase Adsorption in Multistage Adsorbers with Discrete Transport of Sorbent
Extractive Distillation Systems with Separating Agents Undistributed between Phases
Properties of Diagrams of Equilibrium Open Evaporation Accompanied by Instantaneous Chemical Reactions
Nonlinear Heat and Mass Transfer with Consideration of Deformation in a Chemical Reaction Wave
Hierarchy of Dynamic Models of Nonequilibrium Chemically Reactive Plasma
Kinetics of Ozone Formation in the Gas and Liquid Phases in a Barrier-Discharge Plasma
Specific Features of Ion–Electron Transport in Surface Oxide Films with Moving Boundaries
Modeling of the Degassing of Industrial Arsenic, a Lewisite Detoxification Product
Physicochemical Processes during Precipitation of Silica from Geothermal Brine
Analysis of the Kinetics of Iron(II, III) Oxide Dissolution in Hydrochloric Acid Using a Generalized Delmon Model
Computer-Aided Design of Chemical Compounds with Controlled Properties
Evaluation of Serviceability of Chemical Engineering Systems
Experimental Study of Axial Mixing in a Drum Mixer
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