The State of the Art in Chemical Engineering Science and Education
Macrokinetics of Industrial Processes
Macrokinetic Analysis of the Drying of Particulate Materials
Mass Transfer between Fine-Dispersion Flows in Channels Separated with a Permeable Membrane under the Action of an Alternating Pressure Drop
Computerized Solution of the Dynamic Sorption Process for a Ternary System in a Heterophase Medium
Heterogeneous Systems in Extractive Distillation with One Nonvolatile Agent
Application of Graphs of Distillation Trajectories to Synthesis of Separation Flowsheets
Kinetics of Crystallization of Binary Melts of Eutectic-Forming Substances
Mathematical Modeling of Ion Exchange in an Apparatus with a Fixed Bed of Granular Ion-Exchange Resin
Biotechnological Process Dynamics under the Conditions of Multiplicity of Steady States
Nonisothermal Flow of Polymer Solutions and Melts in Channels of Constant Cross Section
Low-Velocity Pneumatic Conveying Calculations for a High Concentration of the Particulate Material
Use of Numerical Experiments for Optimization of Mixing of Granular Materials
Analysis of the Temperature Field in the Production of Pyrocarbon Coatings in Fluidized-Bed Reactors
Physicochemical Processes at the Dielectric/Oxide Melt Interface and Their Application in the Electrocoating of Diamond Powders
Information Technologies in the Industry of Chemical Reagents and Special-Purity Substances
Petr Grigor'evich Romankov