Vortex and Cavitation Flows in Hydraulic Systems
Modeling of Liquid Flows in Porous Channels
Atomization Hydrodynamics
α = 1 Manifolds in Two-Phase Multicomponent Systems
Synthesis of Distillation Flowsheets with Fully Coupled Heat and Material Flows Using Graph Theory
Factors in the Physicochemical Activity of Solids in Heterogeneous Systems
Extraction of Organic Oil from Sea Buckthorn Seeds with Supercritical Carbon Dioxide
Modeling of Sorption Dynamics in Transition Metal Ion–Weak-Base Ion Exchanger Systems in Terms of Surface Complexation Theory
Modeling of the Non-Newtonian Behavior of a Gel Layer on the Membrane Surface
Modeling of Mass Electrotransfer in an Electrodialysis Cell
Aqueous-Phase Oxidation and Degradation of Arabinogalactan from the Siberian Larch Larix sibirica L.
Kinetics of Partial Oxidation of Alkanes at High Pressures
Kinetics of Molybdenum(VI) Oxide Dissolution in Sulfuric Acid Solutions
CALS-Based Information Model of the Technology of Biologically Active Additives of a New Generation
Effect of Friction on the Displacement of the Material in a Screw Press
In Memory of Aleksei Mitrofanovich Kutepov (1929–2004)