Unsteady-State Wave Flows of a Gas–Solid Suspension with Gas-Flow-Rate Oscillations and Their Effect on the Heat and Mass Transfer
Unsteady-State Mass Transfer of Gases between Two Quiescent Phases
Exact Solutions of Nonlinear Unsteady-State Equations of Mass and Heat Transfer with Bulk Reaction
Thermal Diffusion in the Helium–Argon Gas System
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Effect of the Flow Pattern on the Convective Heat Transfer Efficiency in Tubular Apparatuses
Extraction in a Sieve-Tray Extractor
Modeling of Filtration Combustion of Carbon
Factors in Phase Formation in the Heterogeneous Chain Oxidation of Dichlorosilane at Low Pressures
Experimental Determination of the Nucleation and Growth Rates of First-Order Phase Transition Centers
Automated Analysis of the Energy-Saving Potential in a Thermal Engineering System for Phosphorus Production
Singular Points in the Sections of the Concentration Simplexes of n-Component Systems with One Nonvolatile Component
Experimental Study of the Specific Heats at Constant Pressure for Mixtures of Methanol and n-Octanol at High Pressures