Profiles of the Concentrations of Components along the Column Height at Different Liquid Holdup Distributions in Distillation of Binary and Ternary Mixtures
Method for Analyzing the Structures of Reactive Distillation Diagrams
Synthesis of Flowsheets for Extractive Distillation of Azeotropic Mixtures
Self-Oscillations on a Partially Wetted Catalyst Pellet in α-Methylstyrene Hydrogenation
Mathematical Modeling of Unstable Mass Transfer Complicated by Chemical Reactions
Inertial Deposition of “Heavy” Aerosol Particles in Fibrous Filters
Hydrodynamics of the Bubble Bed of a Heterogeneous Reduction Reactor
Modeling of the Liquid Flow in the Upstream Portion of a Cylindrical Channel
Unsteady-State Flow of an Ideal Compressible Medium in Channels of a Rotary Apparatus
Selective Exothermic Catalytic Reactions in a Reverse Heat Front
A New Model for Estimation of the Critical Properties of Alkanes
Effect of the Structure of Nitrogen-Containing Compounds on Their Defoaming and Demulsifying Abilities
Calculation of Binodal Lines for a Multicomponent Mixture by the Homotopy Method
Internal Mechanical Stresses in Hot Air Drying
A Special Case of Spatial Averaging of the Diffusion Coefficient
VI Turkish National Chemical Engineering Congress