Analysis of the Possibility of Implementing the Principle of Redistribution of Concentration Fields for Reactive Distillation Processes
Separation of Paraffins by Membrane Extraction Combined with Crystallization
Membrane Filtration with Reversible Adsorption
Mathematical Simulation of a Belt Crystallizer for Molding of Coagulants
Formation of Dissipative Structures in the Reaction Zone of a Heterogeneous Reduction Reactor
Absorption of gases by aqueous solutions of acids and alkalis
Degassing of a Nonlinearly Viscous Liquid Flowing Over the Heated Surface of a Tapered Rotor
Dynamic Criteria for Evaluating the Energy Consumption Efficiency of Drying Equipment
Effect of the initial temperature of a reactive medium on the critical conditions for thermal explosion
Thermal Diffusion in the Helium-Xenon Gas System
Transformation of Diagrams of Pseudoazeotropic Mixtures
A New form of the Heat- and Mass-Transfer and Fluid-Flow Equations
Mathematical modeling of the dispersed phase dynamics
A study of heat and mass transfer in porous material under equilibrium conditions
Modeling of Copper(II) Oxide Dissolution in Sulfuric Acid Solutions in the Presence of Ammonia and Complexones
Modeling of the motion of particles in a rotary crusher
Tenth International Science and Technology Conference “Knowledge-Intensive Chemical Technologies-04”
XVII International Scientific Conference “Mathematical Methods in Engineering and Technology”