Heat Transfer Complicated by Phase Transitions in a Moving Layer
Simultaneous Heat and Momentum Transfer in Two-Phase Systems at Low Pressure and High Temperature
Correlation and Prediction of the Solubility of CO2 in a Mixture of Organic Solution Solvents
Use of Columns with Coupled Heat and Material Flows in Separation of Multicomponent Zeotropic Mixtures
The Method of Possible States and Its Application to the Chemical Thermodynamic Analysis of Nonequilibrium Processes in a Multicomponent Mixture of Reacting Gases under Isobaric Adiabatic Conditions
Mathematical Modeling of Electrodialysis Demineralization Using a Stochastic Model
Hydrolysis and Coagulation of Aluminum Salts in the Initial Stage of Mixing of Solutions
Effect of Chemically Active Additives on the Detonation Wave Velocity and Detonation Limit in Rich Mixtures
Modeling of the Viscous Flow with a Free Surface inside a Rotating Horizontal Cylinder
Natural Convection in a Horizontal Non-Flow-Through Reverse-Osmosis Cell
Method for Calculating Pressure Losses in an Upward Cocurrent Flow
Processes of the Collision Interaction between Ceramic Particles Being Crushed in a Circulation Pneumatic Crusher
Motion of Grinding Bodies after Their Separation from the Surface of a Drum of a Planetary Mill
Mass-Transfer Equation in Multicomponent Mixtures
Minimal Extractant Flow Rate in Countercurrent Leaching
Quantitative Determination of the Limits of Hydrodynamic Modes of Flotation in Rheologically Complex Media
Professor Timofeev Turns 70