Flow of a Rheologically Complex Suspension in a Cylindroconical Hydrocyclone
Hydrodynamics and Heat Transfer in the Bubbling of Steam Entrained by Liquid Jets Falling through a Steam Medium and Plunging into a Liquid
Analysis of the Equations for the Flow of a Liquid Filtering through a Granular Medium
Dispersion of an Impurity in Flow Apparatuses and the Effect of Its Concentration on the Transfer Velocity
Absorption of Inorganic Gases by Aqueous Solutions of Salts, Primary Amines, and Ammonia
Mathematical Modeling of Heat and Mass Transfer in Gas Absorption on a Drop of a Volatile Absorbent
Analysis of Distillation Using the Mass-Transfer Equation in Multicomponent Mixtures
Disordering in Binary Crystals with a Simple Cubic Lattice during Their Growth from Various Mother Phases
Effect of Longitudinal Dispersion Parameters on the Gas Cleaning Efficiency in a Membrane Cell with Retentate Recycle
Membrane Filtration with Reversible Adsorption
Radial Reactor-Heat Exchanger for Natural Gas Combustion in a Structured Porous Metal Catalyst Bed
Effect of the Charge of Solid Particles on the Activation Energy of Acid Decomposition of Phosphorus-Containing Raw Material
Mass Transfer in Liquids
Mathematical Modeling of Complex Physicochemical Systems in Terms of the Thermodynamics of Irreversible Processes
A Mathematical Model of the Functioning of Multiproduct Chemical Engineering Systems
Development of a Mathematical Model of the Synthesis of SKDK Rubber in the Presence of Ethylene and Toluene
Determination of the Specific Heat of the Normal Alkanes C7-C11