Estimation of the Mass-Transfer Efficiency in Catalytic Distillation in a Packed Column
Extractive Distillation Systems Involving Complex Columns with Partially Coupled Heat and Material Flows
Membrane Separation in Deadend Hollow Fiber Filters at Constant Transmembrane Pressure
Optimal Distribution of the Active Component in Catalytic Methane Oxidation
Relative Conversion of Lower Alkanes in Their Simultaneous Partial Gas-Phase Oxidation
Mutual Diffusion Coefficient in Binary Mixtures and the Lattice Gas Model
Mathematical Modeling of the Flow of a Multiphase Heterogeneous Medium in a Permeable Tube
Certain Aspects of the Optimization of Processing of Polymer Composites
Calculation of State Parameters for a Consecutive-Parallel Second-Order Reaction Performed in a Well-Stirred Recycle Reactor
Modeling of Sedimentation Processes for Calculating the Particle Size Distributions of Disperse Systems
Calculation of the Efficiency of Inertialess Flotation of Disklike Particles
Specific Features of the Motion of the Charge in Inner-Rolling Planetary Mills
Hydrodynamic Processes in Fluidization
Rapid Gravity Flow of a Granular Medium
Relationship between the Energy and Fractional Methods for Designing Wet-Type Dust Collectors