Methods for Determining the Marangoni Numbers in Studying the Absorption in the Operation of a Heat Pump
Instability in Unsteady-State Evaporation of Binary Solutions into an Inert Gas
Diffusion-Kinetic Rate of Substrate Consumption in a Biofilm
Mass-Transfer Coefficients in Dense Binary Mixtures
Calculation of the Efficiency of Contact Stages of Distillation Columns with Cocurrent Swirl Contact Devices
Modeling of Atmospheric Freeze Drying in a Spouted Bed
Complex Singular Points of the Tie-Line Vector Field Diagrams of Ternary Mixtures
Mathematical Model of Extraction from a Body with Bidisperse Porous Structure
Modeling of the Effect of pH on the Calcite Dissolution Kinetics
Experimental and Calculation Analysis of the Behavior of Titanium Diboride-Boron Carbide Cermet under Impact Loading
Criteria for the Thermodynamic Efficiency of Cement Clinker Production from Natural Raw Material
Kinetics of Sedimentation of a Coagulating Suspension
Nucleation of Gas Bubbles in Extrusion Foaming of High-Pressure Polyethylene
Maxima of the Specific Heat at Constant Pressure of the n-Alkanes C7-C9 in the Supercritical Region
Prediction of the Convective Heat Transfer Coefficient for the Transient and Turbulent Flows in a Tube
Use of Coagulants for Removing Suspended Particles from Industrial Wastewater
The 21st Annual Meeting of the Polymer Processing Society
The 11th International Conference for Renewable Resources and Plant Biotechnology