Murray Rosenblatt
Publications of Murray Rosenblatt
Some Simple Remarks on an Autoregressive Scheme and an Implied Problem1
Large Deviations for Quadratic Functionals of Gaussian Processes1
A Note on Random Sums with Nonrandom Centering1
Wall and Siegmund Duality Relations for Birth and Death Chains with Reflecting Barrier1
Convergence in Distribution of Products of I.I.D. Nonnegative Matrices1
Divergence of a Random Walk Through Deterministic and Random Subsequences
A Particle Migrating Randomly on a Sphere
Closure of Linear Processes
Least Absolute Deviation Estimation for Regression with ARMA Errors1
Continuous Singularity of the Weak Limit of Convolution Powers of a Discrete Probability Measure on 2 × 2 Stochastic Matrices
On Quantiles and the Central Limit Question for Strongly Mixing Sequences