On the Rate of Clustering to the Strassen Set for Increments of the Uniform Empirical Process
Geometry of JOURNAL/jtpro/beta/00044050-199710030-00007/ENTITY_OV0628/v/2016-09-06T133322Z/r/image-png d and the Central Limit Theorem for Weakly Dependent Random Fields
Weak Laws with Random Indices for Arrays of Random Elements in Rademacher Type p Banach Spaces
Time Difference on the Brownian Curve
Some Finitely Additive Probability
Combinatorial Properties of Brownian Motion on the Compact Classical Groups
Sharp Conditions for the CLT of Linear Processes in a Hilbert Space
The Law of the Iterated Logarithm for m-Dependent Banach Space Valued Random Variables
Conditioned Diffusions which are Brownian Bridges
Survival of Threshold Contact Processes
Revisit the Lovász Local Lemma
Symmetric Distributions of Random Measures in Higher Dimensions
Super-Tree Random Measures
Duality and Multiplicative Stochastic Processes on Quantum Groups