Announcement of Affiliation of JSDT with Therapeutic Apheresisand Dialysis
Presidential Address from the Japanese Society for Dialysis Therapy
The Current State of Chronic Dialysis Treatment in Japan(as of December 31, 2000)1
Current Devices and New Trends in Theraputic Apheresis
Fresenius AS.TEC204 Blood Bell Separator
Adacolumn, an Adsorptive Carrier Based Granulocyte and MonocyteApheresis Device for the Treatment of Inflammatory and RefractoryDiseases Associated with Leukocytes
Superlite Plasma Collection System
Plasma Separator Plasmaflo OP
The Structure and Characteristics of Polypropylene Hollow Fiber Membrane Plasma Separator
Blood Purification Therapies Using Dextran Sulfate Cellulose Columns Liposorber and Selesorb
Adsorption Column for Myasthenia Gravis Treatment
Immusorba TR and PH
Peptide Based Adsorbers for Therapeutic Immunoadsorption
Bilirubin Adsorption Column Medisorba BL-300
β2-Microglobulin-selective Adsorbent Column (Lixelle) for the Treatment of Dialysis-related Amyloidosis
Extracorporeal Endotoxin Removal For The Treatment of Sepsis
Micro- and Macrocirculatory Effects of Apheresis in Patients with Familial Hyperlipidemia
Early Relapse of Thrombotic Thrombocytopenic Purpura during Therapeutic Plasma Exchange Associated with Acinetobacter anitratus Bacteremia
Extracorporeal Monocyte Granulocytapheresis was Effective for a Patient of Erythema Nodosum Concomitant withUlcerative Colitis
Plasmapheresis in Immune Hematology
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