Observation Survey and Invasive Trial of Chronic Dialysis Patients
An Overview of Regular Dialysis Treatment in Japan (as of 31 December 2001)1
The Efficacy and Safety of the New Heparin-induced Extracorporeal Low-density Lipoprotein Precipitation System (Plasmat Futura) in Comparison with the Currently used System (Plasmat Secura)
Comparative Analysis Between Dextran Sulfate Adsorption and Direct Adsorption of Lipoproteins in their Capability to Reduce Erythrocyte Adhesiveness/Aggregation in the Peripheral Blood
Detection of Specific IgE Antibodies to Nafamostat Mesilate as an Indication of Possible Adverse Effects of Leukocytapheresis using Nafamostat Mesilate as Anticoagulant
Long Daily Hemodialysis Sessions Correct Systemic Complications of Oxalosis Prior to Combined Liver–Kidney Transplantation
Review of Combination of Peritoneal Dialysis and Hemodialysis as a Modality of Treatment for End-stage Renal Disease
Protein A-Immunoadsorption (PA-IA)
Long-term effects of LDL-apheresis on Carotid Arterial Atherosclerosis in Familial Hypercholesterolemic Patients
Thrombotic Thrombocytopenic Purpura… Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow
Long-term Effects of LDL-apheresis on Atherosclerosis in FH Patients
Therapeutic Effects of LDL Apheresis on Coronary Heart Disease in Patients with Familial Hypercholesterolemia
A New Method of Double Filtration Plasmapheresis for LDL-Apheresis
Update on Clinical Trials
Sorbent Devices in Treatment of Liver Failure and Sepsis-An Overview
Plasmapheresis in Vasculitis
Successful Cytoreduction in a 5-month old Infant with Extreme Hyperleukocytic ALL (T cell type)
Artificial Liver Support
Blood Purification Therapy in the 21st Century
Low-density Lipoprotein Apheresis
Long-term HELP Apheresis
Individualized Therapy of SEPSIS
Individualized Therapy of Chronic Dysfunctions of the Immune System
Open Multicenter Pilot Study to Assess Efficacy, Safety and Tolerability of Adacolumn Cytapheresis in Patients with SLE