Report on the 5th Slovenian Congress of Nephrology
Renal Replacement Therapy in Slovenia: Excerpts From 2011 Data
Chronic Kidney Disease Progression to End Stage Renal Disease: A Single Center Experience of the Role of the Underlying Kidney Disease
Paricalcitol Reduces Proteinuria in Non-Dialysis Chronic Kidney Disease Patients
Ankle-Brachial Index and Cardiovascular Mortality in Nondiabetic Hemodialysis Patients
Radiographic Assessment of Vascular Calcification, Aortic Pulse Wave Velocity, Ankle-Brachial Index and Fibroblast Growth Factor-23 in Chronic Hemodialysis Patients
Ascorbic Acid for the Prevention of Contrast-Induced Nephropathy After Coronary Angiography in Patients With Chronic Renal Impairment: A Randomized Controlled Trial
Use of Myoglobin as a Marker and Predictor in Myoglobinuric Acute Kidney Injury
Some Kinetic Considerations in High Cut-Off Hemodiafiltration for Acute Myoglobinuric Renal Failure
Successful Treatment of Severe Hantavirus Nephritis With Corticosteroids: A Case Report and Literature Review
Fibroblast Growth Factor 23 and Left Ventricular Mass Index in Maintenance Hemodialysis Patients: Standard Versus Long Nocturnal Hemodialysis
Effect of Switching to Nocturnal Thrice-Weekly Hemodialysis on Clinical and Laboratory Parameters: Our Experience
Arteriovenous Grafts in the Thigh: An Excellent Hemodialysis Vascular Access When Arm Vasculature Is Exhausted
Reasons for Refusing Kidney Transplantation Among Chronic Dialysis Patients
Influence of Renin-Angiotensin-Aldosterone System-Blocking Drugs on Peritoneal Membrane in Peritoneal Dialysis Patients
Fulminant Peritonitis Presumably Caused by Panton-Valentine Leukocidin-Positive Staphylococcus aureus in a Girl on Peritoneal Dialysis
Plasmapheresis and Immunoadsorption for Treatment and Prophylaxis of Recurrent Focal Segmental Glomerulosclerosis in Adult Recipients of Deceased Donor Renal Grafts
Hemodialysis Arteriovenous Fistula-Related Complications and Surgery in Kidney Graft Recipients
Abdominal Aortic Calcification is an Independent Predictor of Cardiovascular Events in Peritoneal Dialysis Patients
Effect on Extrapulmonary Sepsis-Induced Acute Lung Injury by Hemoperfusion With Neutral Microporous Resin Column
Plasmapheresis-Refractory Transplantation-Associated Thrombotic Microangiopathy Successfully Treated With Pravastatin and Limaprost Alfadex
Severe Hypertriglyceridemia-Related Acute Pancreatitis
Severe Hypertriglyceridemia-Related Acute Pancreatitis: Myth or Reality?
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