Clinical Pharmacology of Pediatric Antipyretic Drugs
An Overview of Amikacin
Oral Contraceptive Drug Interactions
Simultaneous Plasma Carbamazepine and Carbamazepine-Epoxide Concentrations in Pharmacokinetic and Bioavailability Studies
Fallacious Results from Measuring Salivary Carbamazepine Concentrations
Determination of Total and Free Plasma Carbamazepine Concentrations by Enzyme Multiplied Immunoassay
Carbamazepine-Phenytoin Interaction
Investigations of Long-Term Treatment with Perhexiline Maleate Using Therapeutic Monitoring and Electromyography
Assessment of Cyclosporin A in Whole Blood and Plasma in Five Patients with Different Hematocrits
Computer-Assisted Drug Assay Interpretation Based on Bayesian Estimation of Individual Pharmacokinetics
Comparison of Eight Phenytoin Dosing Methods in Institutionalized Patients
Therapeutic Blood Levels of Phenytoin in Treatment of Paroxysmal Choreoathetosis
Steady-State Serum Levels of Anticonvulsant Drugs in Chinese Epileptic Patients Living in Taiwan
Monitoring Drug Noncompliance in Epileptic Patients
No Influence of Doxycycline on Theophylline Pharmacokinetics
Evaluation of the Du Pont Theophylline Assay Adapted to a Centrifugal Analyzer
Dual-Label Fluoroimmunoassay for Simultaneous Determination of Primidone and Phenobarbital
Evaluation of an Automated System (Optimate) for Substrate-Labeled Fluorescent Immunoassays
Determination of Free Valproic Acid Concentrations Using the Amicon Micropartition MPS-1 Ultrafiltration System
Interference with High Performance Liquid Chromatographic Chloramphenicol Assay in a Patient Receiving Dobutamine
On the Interaction Between Phenytoin and Antineoplastic Agents
Measurement of Cyclosporine
Extraction of Interfering Substance from the Sera of Uremic Subjects Prior to Homogeneous Enzyme Immunoassay
Practical Immunoassay. The State of the Art
Marihuana in Science and Medicine
Applications of Optimal Control Therapy in Biomedicine