Pharmacokinetic Aspects of Drug Therapy in the Elderly
Interlot Variability in Gentamicin and Tobramycin Concentration and Its Possible Significance
Effects of Development, Aging, and Renal and Hepatic Insufficiency as well as Hemodialysis on the Plasma Concentrations of Albumin and α1-Acid Glycoprotein
Pharmacokinetic Comparison of Cisplatin in Solution with Common Lyophilized Cisplatinum (Platinol)
Evaluation of the Effect of Variability in the Volume of Distribution of Theophylline on the Predictability of the Iterative and the Chiou Methods Using Computer Simulations
Two-Point Method for Determination of Aminoglycoside Pharmacokinetics
Effects of Smoking on Nortriptyline Plasma Concentrations in Depressed Patients
Hemodialysis Clearance of Chloroquine in Uremic Patients
Factors Influencing Simultaneous Concentrations of Total and Free Carbamazepine and Carbamazepine-10, 11-Epoxide in Serum of Children with Epilepsy
Comparative Pharmacokinetics of Zonisamide (CI-912) in Epileptic Patients on Carbamazepine or Phenytoin Monotherapy
Clinical Pharmacokinetics of Carbamazepine and its Epoxy and Hydroxy Metabolites in Humans After an Overdose
Carbamazepine Drug Interactions
Rapid Determination of Platinum by Flameless Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometry Following the Administration of Cisplatin to Cancer Patients
Direct Measurement of Salicylphenolic Glucuronide in Human Urine
Measurement of Lidocaine Free Concentration
Evaluation of a Rapid Ultrafiltration Technique for Determination of Quinidine Protein Binding and Comparison with Equilibrium Dialysis
Quinidine Assays
Determination of Ciprofloxacin in Biological Samples by Reversed-Phase High Performance Liquid Chromatography
Comparison of the Amicon Centrifree Micropartition System with the Sartorius SM 13249E Centrisart I Device to Determine Protein Free Phenytoin Concentrations
Simplified High Performance Liquid Chromatographic Method for the Determination of Clonazepam and Other Benzodiazepines in Serum
Degradation of Clonazepam in Serum by Light Confirmed by Means of a High Performance Liquid Chromatographic Method
Measurement of Tocainide in Serum by Capillary Gas Chromatography
High Performance Liquid Chromatography of Procainamide and N-Acetylprocainamide in Human Blood Plasma
Methotrexate Measurements in Plasma
Influence of Tube Type, Storage Time, and Temperature on the Total and Free Concentration of Valproic Acid
Economical Modification of a Radioimmunoassay of Digoxin with Negligible Interference from Cord and Neonatal Sera
Diurnal Variation in Cyclosporine Kinetics
Valproic Acid-Amitriptyline Interaction in Man
Falsely Elevated Theophylline Value with the Ames Seralyzer
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