Carbamazepine-Danazol Drug Interaction
Pharmacokinetics and Toxicity of Frequent Intermediate Dose Methotrexate Infusions
Plasma Levels of Maprotiline and Zimelidine and Their Relationship to Clinical Response in Depressed Patients
Chronic Valproic Acid and Coantiepileptic Drug Therapy and Incidence of Increases in Serum Liver Enzymes
Variable Free and Total Valproic Acid Concentrations in Sole- and Multi-Drug Therapy
Effect of Sodium Valproate on Phenobarbital Serum Levels in Children and Adults
Interference with Oral Theophylline Absorption by Continuous Nasogastric Feedings
The Disposition of Theophylline in Blood in Chronic Obstructive Lung Disease
Phenytoin Clearances in a Compliant Population
Pharmacokinetics, Metabolism, and Renal Excretion of Sulfadimidine and Its N4-Acetyl and Hydroxy Metabolites in Humans
Netilmicin in Gram-Negative Sepsis
Umbilical versus Peripheral Tobramycin Administration
Matched Case-Control Study of Adjusted versus Nonadjusted Gentamicin Dosing in Perforated and Gangrenous Appendicitis
Enantioselective Analysis of Chloroquine and Desethylchloroquine after Oral Administration of Racemic Chloroquine
“Radiochemically Pure [1-14C]Valproic Acid”—A Mixture of Labeled Structural Isomers
Improved Chromatography of Cyclosporine
Simple, Rapid 125I-Labeled Cyclosporine Double Antibody/Polyethylene Glycol Radioimmunoassay Used in a Pediatric Cardiac Transplant Program
Quantitative Liquid Chromatographic Determination of Sotalol in Human Plasma
Preparation of Serum and Plasma Samples for Determination of Tricyclic Antidepressants
Protein Binding of Ceftriaxone
Discovery of Phenytoin
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