Detection of Populations at Risk and Problem Drugs During Drug Development and in Pharmacotherapy
Integrated Plasma and Synovial Fluid Pharmacokinetics of Tenoxicam in Patients with Rheumatoid Arthritis and Osteoarthritis
Displacement by Anionic Drugs of Endogenous Ligands Bound to Albumin in Uremic Serum
Lack of Correlation Between Lithium Pharmacokinetic Parameters Obtained from Plasma and Saliva
Comparison of Three Lithium Dosing Methods in 950 “Subjects” by Computer Simulation
Italian Collaborative Study on the Utilization of Therapeutic Drug Monitoring in Hospital Departments
Use of Aminoglycosides in Critically Ill Patients
Comparison of a Bayesian Program with Three Microcomputer Programs for Predicting Gentamicin Concentrations
Quantitative and Qualitative Assessment of Serum Concentration Monitoring and Dosage Adjustment of Aminoglycosides
An Estimation of Pharmacokinetic Parameters for Each Dosing at Unequal Doses and Dosing Intervals
The Accuracy and Stability of Bayesian Theophylline Predictions
Separation of Cyclosporine Metabolites
Comparative Evaluation of Microultrafiltration Devices for Determination of Protein Binding
Evaluation of Cross-Reactivity of Urinary Digoxin-like Substance in Different Radioimmunoassays
Development of Separation Fluoroimmunoassays for Bendazac and 5-Hydroxy Bendazac
Design and Development of a Single-Reagent Polarization Fluoroimmunoassay for Methamphetamine
Evaluation of Tricyclic Antidepressant Plasma Levels by an Automated Enzyme Immunoassay (EMIT) in Comparison to a High-Performance Liquid Chromatographic Method
A Simple High-Performance Liquid Chromatography Method for Measuring Serum Cloxacillin in Eight Asian Patients
No Effect of Influenza Vaccination on Theophylline Pharmacokinetics as Studied by Ultraviolet Spectrophotometry, HPLC, and EMIT Assay Methods
Effect of Blood Sample Tubes on Amiodarone and Desethylamiodarone Concentrations
Stability of Drug Concentrations in Plasma Stored in Serum Separator Blood Collection Tubes
Evaluation of a New Seralyzer Assay for Carbamazepine
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Short Communication
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Letters to the Editor
Drug and Chemical Toxicology
Geriatric Clinical Pharmacology
Pharmacologic Analysis of Drug Receptor Interaction