Acute Aspirin Overdose
Monoethylglycinexylide Formation in Assessing Pediatric Donor Liver Function
A Within-Subject Analysis of Carbamazepine Disposition Related to Development in Children with Epilepsy
Postmortem Redistribution of Morphine in Rats
Variability in the Disposition of Ibuprofen Enantiomers in Osteoarthritis Patients
Use of Theophylline in Neonates as an Aid to Ventilator Weaning
Pharmacokinetics of Rapamycin
Comparative Oxycodone Pharmacokinetics in Humans After Intravenous, Oral, and Rectal Administration
Pharmacokinetics of Diltiazem in Patients Undergoing Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting
Single and Multiple Oral Dose Fluvoxamine Kinetics in Young and Elderly Subjects
A Radioimmunoassay for the New Antiviral Agent 1-β-D-Arabinofuranosyl-E-5-(2-bromovinyl)uracil
A Liquid Chromatographic Assay Using a High-Speed Column for the Determination of Lamotrigine, a New Antiepileptic Drug, in Human Plasma
Determination of Free Valproic Acid
Bayesian Estimation of Streptomycin Pharmacokinetics
Analysis of Ofloxacin in Hair as a Measure of Hair Growth and as a Time Marker for Hair Analysis
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