Clomipramine Therapy in the Geriatric Hospital
Adverse Effects of Zotepine and Their Relationship To Serum Concentrations of the Drug and Prolactin
Suggestions for the Optimization of the Initial Tobramycin Dose in Adolescent and Adult Patients with Cystic Fibrosis
Improved Therapeutic Monitoring of Drug Interactions in Epileptic Children Using Carbamazepine Polytherapy
A Rational Basis for the Measurement of Free Phenytoin Concentration in Critically I11 Trauma Patients
Phenytoin Age-Dose-Concentration Relationship in Children
Utility of Pretransplantion Cyclosporine Pharmacokinetic Studies
Fluctuation of Serum Zuclopenthixol Concentrations in Patients Treated with Zuclopenthixol Decanoate in Viscoleo
Evaluation of a Bayesian Approach to the Pharmacokinetic Interpretation of Cyclosporin Concentrations in Renal Allograft Recipients
Prediction of Future Serum Concentrations with Bayesian Fitted Pharmacokinetic Models
High-Performance Liquid Chromatography Determination of Clonazepam in Plasma Using Solid-Phase Extraction
Radioimmunoassay of Colchicine with Antisera Exhibiting Variable Cross-Reactivity
Determination of Fostriecin Pharmacokinetics in Plasma Using High-Pressure Liquid Chromatography Assay
High-Performance Liquid Chromatography Determination of Pravastatin in Plasma
First High-Performance Liquid Chromatography Assay of Formoterol Concentrations in the Low-Picogram-per-Milliliter Range
Quantitation of Morphine, Morphine-3-Glucuronide, and Morphine-6-Glucuronide in Plasma and Cerebrospinal Fluid Using Solid-Phase Extraction and High-Performance Liquid Chromatography with Electrochemical Detection
Monitoring of Pefloxacin Serum Concentrations in Intensive Care Unit Patients
Interethnic Differences in Omeprazole Metabolism in the Two S-Mephenytoin Hydroxylation Phenotypes Studied in Caucasians and Orientals
Evaluation of Dosage-Release Formulations on Inhibition of Drug Clearance
Evaluation of the In Vitro Stability of Digoxin in Saliva