Aminopyrine Metabolism in Man
Pharmacokinetic Study of Valproic Acid Sustained-Release Preparation in Patients Undergoing Brain Surgery
Systematic Approach to a Dosage Regimen for Phenytoin Based on One-Point, Steady-State Plasma Concentration
Immunoreactivity of Endogenous Digitalis-Like Substances in Cord Blood Sera Studied with Antidigitoxin Monoclonal Antibodies
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Potential of Concentration Monitoring Data for a Short Half-Life Drug
Factors Influencing Plasma Concentrations of Carbamazepine and Carbamazepine-10,11-Epoxide in Epileptic Children and Adults
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Verapamil and Norverapamil Plasma Levels in Infants and Children During Chronic Oral Treatment
Evaluation and Comparison of the TDXII, Stratus, and OPUS Digoxin Assays
An Inexpensive and Sensitive Method for the Determination of Quinidine in Plasma by High-Performance Liquid Chromatography with Ultraviolet Detection
High-Performance Liquid Chromatography Determination of Dapsone, Monoacetyldapsone, and Pyrimethamine in Filter Paper Blood Spots
Measurement of the Active Leflunomide Metabolite (A77 1726) by Reverse-Phase High-Performance Liquid Chromatography
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Development of a Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry Method for Determination of Ketamine in Plasma and Its Application to Human Samples
Time Course of Appearance of Ofloxacin in Human Scalp Hair After Oral Administration
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