Genetic Polymorphism of Cytochrome P450s, CYP2C19, and CYP2C9 in a Japanese Population
An Audit of Therapeutic Drug Monitoring Service Provision by Laboratories Participating in an External Quality Assessment Scheme
Clinical Relevance of Therapeutic Drug Monitoring of Digoxin and Gentamicin in the Saliva of Children
Therapeutic Drug Monitoring of Alprazolam in Adolescents With Asthma
Therapeutic Drug Monitoring of Vancomycin in a Morbidly Obese Patient
Therapeutic Monitoring of Tacrolimus (FK506) With the First- and Second-Generation Microparticle Enzyme Immunoassays: Performance and Results in Four Patient Populations
Cyclosporine Monitoring in Patients With Renal Transplants: Two- or Three-Point Methods That Estimate Area Under the Curve Are Superior to Trough Levels in Predicting Drug Exposure
NONMEM Population Pharmacokinetic Modeling of Orally Administered Cyclosporine From Routine Drug Monitoring Data After Heart Transplantation
A Specific Method for the Measurement of Cyclosporin A in Human Whole Blood by Liquid Chromatography-Tandem Mass Spectrometry
Indirect Estimation of the Unbound Fraction of Cyclosporine in Plasma
Postmortem Changes in Blood Concentrations of Phenytoin and Carbamazepine: An Experimental Study
Gas Chromatography-Electron Ionization and Chemical Ionization Mass Spectrometric Analysis of Serum Mexiletine Concentration After Derivatization With 2,2,2-Trichloroethyl Chloroformate: A Novel Derivative
Analysis of Midazolam and Metabolites in Plasma by High-Performance Liquid Chromatography: Probe of CYP3A
Improved Validated Assay for the Determination of Proguanil and Its Metabolites in Plasma, Whole Blood, and Urine Using Solid-Phase Extraction and High-Performance Liquid Chromatography
Improved Cross-Reactivity to α OH Triazolam in the BMC CEDIA DAU Urine Benzodiazepine Assay
Concurrent High-Performance Liquid Chromatographic Measurement of Loxapine and Amoxapine and of Their Hydroxylated Metabolites in Plasma
Quantitative Determination of Tricyclic Antidepressants and Their Metabolites in Plasma by Solid-Phase Extraction (Bond-Elut TCA) and Separation by Capillary Gas Chromatography With Nitrogen-Phosphorous Detection
Comparison of Microparticle Enzyme and Fluorescence Polarization Immunoassays in Pediatric Patients Not Receiving Digoxin
Bidirectional (Positive/Negative) Interference in a Digoxin Immunoassay: Importance of Antibody Specificity
Validation of Microdialysis Sampling for Subcutaneous Extracellular Valproic Acid in Humans