Pharmacokinetic Consequences of a Citalopram Treatment Discontinuation
The Effect of Diazepam in the Recovery of Rabbits From Acute Acetaminophen Intoxication
Study of FK-binding Protein:FK506-metabolite Complexes by Electrospray Mass Spectrometry: Correlation to Immunosuppressive Activity
Population Pharmacokinetics of Aminoglycoside Antibiotics in Patients With Cystic Fibrosis
Valproic Acid Toxicokinetics: Serial Hemodialysis and Hemoperfusion
Lower Plasma Levels of Haloperidol in Smoking Than in Nonsmoking Schizophrenic Patients
No Pharmacokinetic but Pharmacodynamic Interactions Between Cisapride and Bromperidol or Haloperidol
Quinidine Inhibition of Cocaethylene Degradation in Human Serum In Vitro: a Preliminary Study
Grapefruit Juice Decreases the Systemic Availability of Itraconazole Capsules in Healthy Volunteers
Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics of the Acetylcholinesterase Inhibitor Metrifonate in Patients With Renal Impairment
Determination of Buspirone and 1-(2-pyrimidinyl)-piperazine (1-PP) in Human Plasma by Capillary Gas Chromatography
A Simple HPLC Method for Simultaneous Determination of Mycophenolic Acid and Mycophenolic Acid Glucuronide in Plasma
Measurement of Mycophenolate Mofetil Plasma Levels After Heart Transplantation and a Potential Side Effect of High Levels
Clozapine Monitoring: Plasma or Serum Levels?
Determination of Plasma Metformin by a New Cation-Exchange HPLC Technique
Simultaneous Determination of Grepafloxacin, Ciprofloxacin, and Theophylline in Human Plasma and Urine by HPLC
Small Effects of Valproic Acid on the Plasma Concentrations of Clozapine and its Major Metabolites in Patients With Schizophrenic or Affective Disorders
High-Performance Liquid Chromatography Method for Analyzing the Antiretroviral Agent Efavirenz in Human Plasma
Prediction of Valproate Serum Concentrations in Adult Psychiatric Patients Using Bayesian Model Estimations With NPEM2 Population Pharmacokinetic Parameters
Determination of Mitotane (o,p`-DDD) and its Metabolites o,p`-DDA and o,p`-DDE in Plasma by High-Performance Liquid Chromatography
Determination of Indinavir, A HIV-1 Protease Inhibitor, in Human Plasma Using Ion-pair Reversed-phase High-Performance Liquid Chromatography
An Improved HPLC Method for Therapeutic Drug Monitoring of Daunorubicin, Idarubicin, Doxorubicin, Epirubicin, and Their 13-Dihydro Metabolites in Human Plasma
Rapid Screening Test for Gamma-hydroxybutyric Acid (GHB, Fantasy) in Urine
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