Frequency and Clinical Outcome of Potentially Harmful Drug Metabolic Interactions in Patients Hospitalized on Internal and Pulmonary Medicine Wards: Focus on Warfarin and Cisapride
Genetic Polymorphism of CYP2D6 and CYP2C19 Metabolism Determined by Phenotyping Israeli Ethnic Groups
Saliva and Serum Concentration of Lamotrigine in Patients With Epilepsy
Vancomycin Pharmacokinetics and Bayesian Estimation in Pediatric Patients
Limited Sampling Model for the Estimation of Pharmacokinetic Parameters in Children
Pharmacokinetics and Safety of Single Oral Doses of Sirolimus (Rapamycin) in Healthy Male Volunteers
Therapeutic Drug Monitoring in Turkey: Experiences From Istanbul
Evaluation of Limited Sampling Strategies for Estimation of 12-Hour Mycophenolic Acid Area Under the Plasma Concentration–Time Curve in Adult Renal Transplant Patients
7th International Congress of Therapeutic Drug Monitoring & Clinical Toxicology Washington DC USA/September 1–6, 2001
Population Pharmacokinetic and Pharmacodynamic Analysis of Ribavirin in Patients With Chronic Hepatitis C
Single Dose Pharmacokinetics of Syrup of Ipecac
Stereoselective Pharmacokinetic Analysis of Valnoctamide, a CNS-Active Chiral Amide Analogue of Valproic Acid, in Dogs, Rats, and Mice
Digoxin, Flecainide, and Amiodarone Transfer Across the Placenta and the Effects of an Elevated Umbilical Venous Pressure on the Transfer Rate
High-Performance Liquid Chromatographic Method for the Determination of Colistin in Serum
Accuracy of Cyclosporin Measurements Made in Capillary Blood Samples Obtained by Skin Puncture
Comparison of the Pharmacokinetics and In Vivo Bioaffinity of DigiTAb Versus Digibind
Simultaneous Quantification of Tacrolimus and Sirolimus, in Human Blood, by High-Performance Liquid Chromatography–Tandem Mass Spectrometry
Determination of Ifosfamide, 2- and 3-Dechloroethyifosfamide Using Gas Chromatography With Nitrogen-Phosphorus or Mass Spectrometry Detection
Optimized Procedure for Lamotrigine Analysis in Serum by High-Performance Liquid Chromatography Without Interferences From Other Frequently Coadministered Anticonvulsants
Rapid and Simple Determination of Indinavir in Serum, Urine, and Cerebrospinal Fluid Using High-Performance Liquid Chromatography
Cocaine and Cocaethylene Binding to Normal Human Brain and Alzheimer Disease Brain
Fluconazole-Induced Convulsions at Serum Trough Concentrations of Approximately 80 μg/mL
Switching Antiretroviral Therapy From an Enzyme-Inducing Drug
Letter to the Editor