Dr Andrew Trull 1956 - 2004
Mercury, Coronary Heart Disease, and the Limits of Observational Epidemiology
Monitoring Immunosuppressive Drugs
Application of Gene Transfer Technologies to Transplantation
Topiramate Serum Concentration-to-Dose Ratio
Plasma and Tissue Determination of 4-Methylpyrazole for Pharmacokinetic Analysis in Acute Adult and Pediatric Methanol/Ethylene Glycol Poisoning
Therapeutic Drug Monitoring of Immunosuppressant Drugs in Marmara University Hospital
Efavirenz Plasma Concentrations in HIV-Infected Patients
Compliance with Methadone-Based Substitutive Treatment
Therapeutic Drug Monitoring of Mirtazapine and Its Metabolite Desmethylmirtazapine by HPLC with Fluorescence Detection
Free Mycophenolic Acid Should Be Monitored in Renal Transplant Recipients with Hypoalbuminemia
Dose Adjustment Strategy for Oral Microemulsion Formulation of Cyclosporine
Feasibility and Acceptance of Salivary Monitoring of Antiepileptic Drugs Via the US Postal Service
Feasibility and Limitations of Oxcarbazepine Monitoring Using Salivary Monohydroxycarbamazepine (MHD)
Effect of Renal Function on the Pharmacokinetics of Enoxaparin and Consequences on Dose Adjustment
Pharmacokinetics of 6-Mercaptopurine in Patients with Inflammatory Bowel Disease
Frequency Distribution of Thiopurine S-Methyltransferase Activity in Red Blood Cells of a Healthy Japanese Population
Ritonavir Decreases the Nonrenal Clearance of Digoxin in Healthy Volunteers with Known MDR1 Genotypes
A Simple Approximation for Busulfan Dose Adjustment in Adult Patients Undergoing Bone Marrow Transplantation
Establishment of New Cloned Enzyme Donor Immunoassays (CEDIA®) for Haloperidol and Bromperidol