Barcelona Consensus on Biomarker-Based Immunosuppressive Drugs Management in Solid Organ Transplantation
T-Cell Cytokines as Predictive Markers of the Risk of Allograft Rejection
T-Cell Surface Antigens and sCD30 as Biomarkers of the Risk of Rejection in Solid Organ Transplantation
Regulatory T Cells as Biomarkers for Rejection and Immunosuppression Tailoring in Solid Organ Transplantation
Target Enzyme Activity and Phosphorylation of Pathway Molecules As Specific Biomarkers in Transplantation
Nuclear Factor of Activated T Cells–Regulated Gene Expression as Predictive Biomarker of Personal Response to Calcineurin Inhibitors
Pharmacogenetic Biomarkers Predictive of the Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics of Immunosuppressive Drugs
Biomarkers in Transplantation—Proteomics and Metabolomics
Graft-Derived Cell-Free DNA as a Marker of Transplant Graft Injury
Analytical Aspects of the Implementation of Biomarkers in Clinical Transplantation