Professor Antonius Kettrup
Thermochemical Investigations of Calcium Carbonate Phase Transitions
The Influence of the Thermal Behaviour of AgGaS2 on the Crystal Growth Process
Thermoanalytische Untersuchungen an Schichtmaterialien
Direct Carousel Flight Calorimeter for Metabolic Investigations of Small Insects
Use of Temperature- and Humidity-Dataloggers in Food Engineering
Investigations of the Sub-Ambient Transitions in Frozen Sucrose by Modulated Differential Scanning Calorimetry (MDSC®)
Thermische Analyse an Fluβsedimenten der Saale
Thermische Analyse Mit Biologisch Leicht Abbaubaren Hydraulik- und Getriebeölen
Die Rottegradbestimmung von Kompost in Dewar-Gefäβen - Eine Kalorimetrische Interpretation
Thermoanalytische Untersuchung von Baumaterialien Ägyptischer Mumiensärge
The Glass Transition of Water and Aqueous Systems
A Dsc-Study of Donor/Acceptor Side-Chain Polymers with Flourinated Taper-Shaped Tails
DSC Investigations on a Commercial Photocuring Sheet Material
Bestimmung des Vinylacetat-Gehaltes in Eva Copolymeren
Thermoanalytische Charakterisierung Strahlengehärteter Polymerfilme
Investigation of the Plasticizing Effect of Dicarboxylic Acid Diesters on Starch Acetate
Reduction of Solid Benzophenones with Sodium Borohydride
The cis-trans Isomerization of Azobenzene in the Molten State
Kinetic On-line Evaluation of Chemical Reactions
DSC Investigation of some Testing and Calibration Compounds, Particularly During Cooling
New Quantitative Aspects in the Field of Precision Calorimetry
Burnout of Organic Components of Glass Ceramic Composite Tapes
Erste Beiträge Thermoanalytischer Untersuchungen Zum Recycling von Weich-PVC
Aspekte und Beispiele der Anwendung der Methoden der Thermischen Analyse in Industriellen Bereichen
A New Approach for the Determination of Organobromine in Harmful Waste
International Short Course Announcement