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Thermal Analysis of Some Environmentally Degradable Polymers*
Thermal Behaviour of Blends of HDPE with Long-chain Branched HBPE
Reversible Melting of Semi-crystalline Polymers Frequency dependence of the reversible melting enthalpy
Phase Diagrams of Urea Inclusion Compounds 3. Pentadecanoic acid and urea
Comportement Thermique du Polypropylene au Cours du Vieillissement
CRTA for the Thermoanalytical Screening of Volatile Compounds
Study of the Evolution of Carbon Dioxide from Active Carbon by a Threshold Temperature-Programmed Desorption Method
Comparative Study of Efficiency of Nucleating Agents in PA-6
Phase Diagram of the Neodymium Chloride-Sodium Chloride System
Thermochemical Properties of Neutral Complexes in Layer Silicates I. [Ni(4-Etpy)4(NCS)2] complex in montmorillonite and pillared montmorillonites
On the Thermal Behaviour of some Polyimide Membranes
Comparative Thermodynamic Study of the Pb–Al Binary System
Determination of Melting Points for A2B6 Compounds
Thermal Decomposition of Axinite
Considerations on the Thermal Behaviour and Oxidation Resistance of Cast Iron
Thermal Analysis in Propellant Stability Examinations
The Effect of Grains Size and Temperature on Superconducting Parameters*
Implications of Fine Grinding in Mineral Processing
Energetic Approach to Kinetics of Mechanochemical Process*
Thermal Decomposition Kinetics of Lanthanum Complexes of 1,2-(Diimino-4';-Antipyrinyl)ethane
Formation and Thermal Decomposition of Indium Oxynitride Compounds
Thermal Decomposition of Ni(II) and Fe(III) Nitrates and their Mixture
Heats of Dilution, Heat Capacities and Apparent Molal Enthalpies of Li2B4O7–Li2SO4–LiCl–H2O Systems at 298.15 K
Some Properties and Thermal Decomposition of Yttrium and Lanthanide Benzohydroxamates
Thermal Decomposition Studies of Neodymium Praseodymium Oxalate Decahydrate Crystals
Al–Zn–Sn Phase Diagram X-ray diffraction study at various temperatures
Fractal Approach in the Kinetics of Solid-Gas Decompositions
Spectrochemical and Thermal Behaviour of the 5-chloro-2-nitrobenzoates of Rare Earth Elements
Softening Temperature of the Amorphous Cu–As–Se–I System
Progress of Polymerization of D,L-Lactide Through Differential Scanning Calorimetry and Gel Permeation Chromatography
Plasticization and Crystallization of Poly(ethylene Terephthalate) Induced by Water
Thermoxidative Decomposition of Some Polysulfones under Dynamic Conditions of Heating
Microcalorimetric Compatibility Testing of the Constituents of Combustible Materials and Casting Composite Explosives
Thermal Study of the Cr–Mo–O System in Air
Synthesis of Ultrafine Cobalt Ferrite by Thermal Decomposition of Citrate Precursor
Thermal Behavior of Urea-(D) Tartaric Acid and Urea-(DL) Tartaric Acid Crystals
Tg/dta, Xrd and NH3-TPD Characterization of Layered VOPO4·2H2O and its Fe3+-Substituted Compound
Computation of Heat Capacities of Solids Using a General Tarasov Equation