Thermal, Magnetic, FTIR and XRD Study of New Co(II) and Ni(II) Theophyllinato Complexes with Benzylamine or Ethanolamine
Thermal Decomposition of Copper(I) Thiocarbamide Chloride Hemihydrate
Adjustment of Heating Rate for Maximum Resolution in TG and TMA (MaxRes)
Some Remarks on the Methodology of Thermal Analysis of Clay Minerals
Contribution to the Design and Construction of Thermic Flow Detectors for Liquids
Kinetic Analysis of Solid State Reactions by Means of Stepwise Isothermal Analysis (SIA) and Constant Rate Thermal Analysis (CRTA) A comparative study
Thermal Decomposition of BaC2O4·0.5H2O Studied by Stepwise Isothermal Analysis and Non-Isothermal Thermogravimetry
Thermal Properties of the Aquadimethylsulfoxide Complexes [Ln(DMSO)n(H2O)m][Mo3S7Br7] where Ln=Pr, Nd, Eu, Tm
On the Oximine Complexes of Transition Metals
Vapor Pressure Determination by Pressure DSC
Thermal Degradation of Polychloroprene Rubber Under Isothermal and Non-Isothermal Conditions
DSC and TG Study of Water Adosorption and Desorption on Zeolite NaA
Thermoanalytical Investigations on Intercalated Kaolinites
An Insecticide Stabilized by Natural Zeolite
Phase Transformations in Mixtures of Calcite and Dolomite with Condensed Phosphates of Calcium during Heating
Reversible Melting of Semi-Crystalline Polymers
Characterisation of α-FeOOH Grinding Products Using Simultaneous DTA and TG/DTG Coupled with MS
Controlled Rate Thermal Analysis of Hydrated Borates
Sol-Gel Processing of Copper-Chromium Catalysts for Ester Hydrogenation
Use of the Second Derivative of TG Curves for Investigation of the Exchanged Interlayer Cation in Montmorillonite
La Decomposition Thermique de Quelques Thiobenzpiperidides
ASTM Kinetics of Oil Shales
Synthesis and Thermal Behaviour of New Zinc Halogeno Complex Compounds with Phenazone and Nicotinamide
Synthesis and Characterizations of Hydroxy-aluminum Cross-Linked Montmorillonite
The Studies of the Heterogeneous Properties of Solid Surfaces by Means of the Derivatograph Q-1500 D
Kinetics and Mechanism of the Thermal Decomposition of M(NO3)2·nH2O (M=Cu, Co, Ni)
Emanation Thermal Analysis of Intercalated Montmorillonitic clay
Simultaneous Plasticization and Doping of Polyaniline Studied by Thermal Analysis Methods
Utilization of Derivatograph for Study of Synthesis of New Inorganic Pigments
Peculiarities of Interactions in the CaCO3/CaO-SO2/SO3-Air System
Wärmekapazitätsmessungen Nach Scanning-Methoden Bis Zu Hohen Temperaturen