Thermochemistry of solids with Flexible Structures
Another Approach to the Modified Zhuravlev Equation on the Basis of the Oxidation of V2O4 and V6O13
Kinetics and Mechanism of the Natural Mineral Marmatite Oxidation Process
Calorimetric Investigations of the System Pb-Bi-Mg-Sb with Oelsen's Method
Diffusion of Noble Metals, Zn and Ge in GaSb Single Crystals
Calorimetric Studies of Hydration of Cementitious Materials Varying in Basicity
Synthesis of Solid Solutions in the (1-x)PbZrO3-xK0.5Bi0.5TiO3 System
Phase Analysis and Crystallographic Properties of the Phosphate Systems MO-ZrO2-P2O5 (M=Mg, Ca, Sr or Ba)
Thermal Analysis in Examination of Reduction of Blast Furnace Pellets
Physico-Chemistry of the Limestone Sulphation Process
Phase Transitions in Crystalline [M(H2O)6](ClO4)2 (M=Mg, Mn, Fe, Co, Ni, Cu, Zn, Cd and Hg)
Thermal Studies of New Cu(I) and Ag(I) Complexes with Bipyridine Isomers
Thermal Analysis of Cobalt(II) Salts with some Carboxylic Acids
Synthesis and Thermal Analysis of 2,2′-bipyridine Divalent Transition Metal Hexachloroplumbates
Preparation and Thermal Decomposition of Copper(II) Complexes with 4-Methylimidazole
Melting Curves of Terfenadine Crystallized from Different Solvents
Dynamic Mechanical Relaxation in the Opaque and Transparent Poly(4-Methyl-1-Pentene) Films
Thermal Analysis of the Conformational Disorder in SCLC Polymers with Rigid Backbone Glass transition studies
Thermal Degradation of Poly(Vinyl Chloride)/Polyaniline Conducting Blends
Qualitative Speciation of Sulfonic Groups of Fresh Cation Exchanger Catalysts
Enthalpies of Sublimation and Crystal Lattice Energies of 9-Acridinamine and its Derivatives
A Theoretical Approach to the Description of the Thermal Dissociation of N,N,N-Trimethylmethanaminium Halides
Thermal Stability of C60-Methylnaphthalenes Solvates
The Influence of some Chain-Breaking Antioxidants on Thermal-Oxidative Decomposition of Linolenic Acid
Oxidation of Saturated Fatty Acids Esters DSC investigations
Relation Between Thermal Decomposition of Medicinal Herbs and their Non-Metals Concentration
The Conformational Changes of 5SrRNA from Lupin Seeds and tRNAPhe in Presence of Ca2+, Mn2+ Cations by DSC Method
Thermodynamic Properties of Aqueous Solution of 1,N2-(Prop-1-Ene-1,2-Diyl)acyclovir
Thermokinetic Studies of Porphyrin Complexation in Non-Aqueous Solutions by Heat Conduction Microcalorimetry
Thermochemical Investigation of Some Selected Solvates of Calix[4]resorcinarene
Enthalpies of Solution and Dilution of Some L-α-Amino Acids in Water at 298.15 K
Enthalpies of Solution of Some L-α-amino Acids in Aqueous Solutions of Urea at 298.15 K
Thermodynamic Properties of CTAB in Aqueous Solutions of Neutral Polymers at 25°C
Excess Enthalpies of Binary Mixtures of Formamide with Secondary Amides
Excess Enthalpies of Binary Mixtures of Propanediamine+Propanediol at 298.15 K
Thermodynamics of formation of Triiodide Complexes and Solvation of Reagents in Alkanolic Solutions of Electrolytes
Thermochemistry of Heteroatomic Compounds
Thermodynamics of Protolytic Equilibria in Aqueous Solutions of Biologically Active Ligands
Peculiarities of Thermochemical Investigations of Acid-Base Equilibria in Complexon Solutions
Thermochemistry of the Binary System Nitrocellulose-s-Diethyldiphenylurea
Calorimetric Investigation of Adsorption of Organic Compounds by Active Carbons
The Influence of Carbon Surface Oxidation on the Adsorption of Methanol and Ethanol
Thermodynamics of Adsorption on Microporous Fractal Solids
Some Regularities of Standard Enthalpies of Formation (SEF) for Relative Inorganic Compounds
Error Levels of Different Methods of Evaluation of TG Measurements
Application of Modulated Temperature DSC to Distillate Fuels and Lubricating Greases
Heat Conduction Microcalorimeter for Thermokinetics and Titration Experiments
Determination of the Kinetic Parameters of Chemical Reactions on the Basis of Non-Isothermal Measurements