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Reversible Melting of Thermally Fractionated Polyethylene
Calorimetric study of Diepoxide Chain-Extended Poly(Ethylene Terephthalate)
Thermodynamics of Polyvinylacetate from 0 to 350 K
Size Distribution of Water Droplets in Butyl Rubber
Isothermal Degradation of PVC/MBS Blends
Estimation of Activation Energies for Thermooxidative Degradations of LDPE and NBR from Non-Isothermal and Isothermal DTA Data
Microcalorimetric Investigations of K+- and Mg2+-Induced Polymerization of Actin at Temperatures from 293.15 K to 310.15 K
Enthalpy Variation of the Nine Solid Phases of the Binary Molecular Alloys (n-Tricosane:n-Pentacosane) vs. Temperature
The Effects of Various Heat Treating Parameters on the Hardness and Microstructures of the Experimental 18% Nickel Maraging Steels
Thermoanalytical Study of the Composition of β-tungsten
Analysis of Precipitation Hardening of 6061/10% SiC Composite by Differential Scanning Calorimetry
Thermal Analysis of Hydrated Fly Ash-Lime Pastes
Comparison of Various Analytical Methods in the Study of the Reaction Between Zinc Oxide and Fe(III) Oxide
Study of the Solubility Diagram of H3PO4-KOH-Ca(OH)2-H2O at 25°C Section CaHPO4-KOH-H2O
Phase Equilibria in the Binary System Lead Fluoride [PbF2]-Cadmium Fluoride [CdF2],
Phase Equilibria in the Fe8V10W16O85-Fe2O3 and Fe8V10W16O85-Fe2WO6 Systems
Investigation of the Thermal Conductivity of Selected Rare Earth Aluminates
Adsorption of a Polar or a Non-Polar Chloroalkene on a ZSM-5 Zeolite at 298 K
The Synthesis of Levyne-Type Zeolite Studied by Thermal Analysis of Methylquinuclidine Aluminosilicate Gels
Thermogravimetric Evidence of Cobalt or Manganese Isomorphously Substituted into a Zeolite
Synthesis and Thermal Decomposition of Cobalt(II) bis (Tartrato) Cobaltate(II) Trihydrate
Kinetic Analysis of Thermogravimetric Data XXXI.
Pseudo-Inverse Matrix Method - A Direct Method for Non-Isothermal Kinetic Analysis
Kinetic Studies of Crystallization in Ca1-xMgx(PO3)2 Glasses
Kinetic Studies on the Thermal Dissociation of β-Cyclodextrin·Ethyl Benzoate Inclusion Complexes
Quantitative Thermal Analysis VII.
Etude du Systeme Ternaire Se-Te-Sn
Short Report on ESTAC 7