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Thermal Analysis Studies on Isopropylnitrate
Effects of Deformation Rate on the Necking of an Amorphous Copolyester Studied by Modulated DSC
Effects of Added Urea and Alkylureas on Gel to Liquid-Crystal Transitions in Doab Vesicles
Degradation Kinetics of an Epoxy/Cycloaliphatic Amine Resin Under Isothermal and Non-isothermal Conditions
Compensation Effect in the Kinetics of Spatially Hindered Phenols
Crystallization Kinetics of Polypropylene-polyethylene-based Copolymers
Apparent Activation Energies of the Non-isothermal Degradation of Eva Copolymer
Thermal Behaviour of Binary Systems of Polyoxyethylene and Sodium (Potassium) Iodide
Effect of Solvent Composition on DSC Exothermic Peak of Human Serum Albumin Suspended in Pyridine-n-Hexane Mixtures
Thermal Degradation of Cotton Cellulose
Distribution and Composition of Organic Matter in Oil- and Bitumen-cotaining Rocks in Deposits of Different Ages
Dependence of Thermal Stability of an Engine Lubricating Oil on Usage Period
Thermoanalytical Studies on Complexes of Furosemide with β-Cyclodextrin Derivatives
Theory of Emanation Thermal Analysis*
Thermal Studies of the Dibutyltin(IV) Complexes of Schiff Bases Derived from Amino Acids
Some Polynuclear Coordination Compounds Precursors of Chromites
Enthalpic Relaxation of 25Na2O·xTiO2·(75-x)SiO2 Glasses
Thermal Studies of Nickel(II) Squarate Complexes of Triamines in the Solid State
Spectroscopic and Thermal Studies on 2,4,6-trinitro Toluene (TNT)
Debye Temperature Dependent Lattice Thermal Conductivity of Silicon
Non-isothermal Decomposition Kinetics of Complex of Co(III), Ni(II) with O,O'-dialkyldithiophosphates and Adducts of Ni-complex with Pyridines
Investigation of Complexes of Diphenylphosphine Derivatives by Thermal and Other Physicochemical Methods of Analyses
Desorption Behaviour of HF,HCFC-133a and HFC-134a on a Catalyst Supported on γ-AlF3
Phase States of Europium Selenites in Aqueous Medium and in Thermal Analysis
The Thermal Decomposition of Manganese Carbonate
Kinetics of Thermal Decomposition of Mixed Ligand Trinuclear Compound of Cadmium(II)
Phase Equilibria in the System V9Mo6O40-AlVMoO7
Thermal Studies of Metal-quinone Complexes
Thermal Analysis of Metalorganic Complexes of Copper for Evaluation as CVD Precursors
Al-Zn-Sn Phase Diagram Calorimetric Study of the Isobaric Invariants
A Low-temperature Automated Adiabatic Calorimeter
Thermal Stability of γ-irradiated Tolbutamide
Re-examination of the Kinetics of the Thermal Dehydroxylation of Goethite
Kinetic Analysis of Thermogravimetric Data XXXII. DSC Study of Some [Co(Diox·H)2(amine)2]X and H[Co(Diox·H)2(N3)2] Type Complexes with Alicyclic α-dioximes*
On Some Obvious Cases of Incorrect Choice of the Rate Equation for Non-isothermal Kinetics
On the Accuracy of Senum and Yang's Fourth Degree Rational Approximation of the Temperature Integral