From Precursors to Thin Films - Thermoanalytical Techniques in the Thin Film Technology*
RCTA Techniques Used in Studies of Solid State Reactions in Inorganic Compounds*
DTA-TG Study of the CaO-SiO2-H2O and CaO-Al2O3-SiO2-H2O Systems Under Hydrothermal Conditions
Binding of SO2 by Synthetic Substituted Apatites
Analysis of a Complex Gaseous Mixture by TG-MS and TG-FTIR
Calorimetric Investigations of Some Phases in the System Sodium Fluoride - Aluminium Fluoride
Thermische Untersuchungen der Kristallisation von Korund
Characterization of Montmorillonite Saturated with Various Cations
Optimization of the Thermal Radiation Extinction of Silicon Carbide in a Silica Powder Matrix
Thermal Stability and Properties of New NPS-Fertilisers
Investigation on Thermal Decomposition of Pyrite
Investigation on Thermal Decomposition of FeS2 and BaO2 Mixtures Part II
Calorimetric Study of the Acidity and Interface Effects of Tin Dioxide Layers Deposited on Another Metal Oxide
Attack by Moisture on Advanced Cement*-Based Macroscopic Defect-free Materials
Solid State Phase Formation in the Bi2O3-PbO-CaO System
A Study on the Thermal Behaviour of Solder Glass
Devitrification Behavior of Calcium Phosphate Glasses Containing Al2O3 and SiO2 Additives
Thermal and Crystalographic Studies of Mixture La2O3-SrO Prepared Via Reaction in the Solid State
Evaluation of the Alpo-11 Crystallinity by Thermogravimetry
Phase Equilibria in the V2O5-Sb2O4 System
Thermal Decomposition of Fullerene Derivatives
Solid Solvates of C60 Compositions and Thermodynamics
Synthesis of Iron Oxides by Co2 Laser vs. Thermally Induced Decomposition of Inorganic Salts
Thermal Stability of SiO2-Based Inorganic-Organic Hybrid Materials
Phase Transformation During the Heat Treatment of Sol-Gel Mullite
Studies on the System ZnO-V2O5-Fe2O3 Reactivity of ZnFe2O4 Towards ZnV2O6
Phase Relations in the CoMoO4-CoV2O6-CoO System
Studies on the System AIVMoO7-V2O5
The Thermal Properties and Firing Characteristics of Zr/KClO4
Thermal Behaviour of Nanoporous Composites
Analysis of Alloys Using DTA and TD Methods with Simultaneous Thermomagnetic Studies
Thermal Treatment of Iron-Copper Metastable Alloys
Calorimetry under Stress
Thermal Methods in the Synthesis of New Ordered Mesoporous Adsorbents
A Study of the Activation of Carbon Using Sample Controlled Thermal Analysis
Thermal Analysis Applied to Solid Catalysts Acidity, Activity and Regeneration
Calorimetric Study of the Acidity of a New Family of Mesoporous Catalysts
Gegeneration of Deactivated β-Zeolite by Coke Oxidation
Effects of Pretreatments on the Structure of Palladium-Containing Amorphous Alloys Followed by DSC
Behaviour of Hydrotalcite and Its Fe (CN)6 4− Pillared Derivative on Heat Treatment
Amino Acid-Pillared Layered Double Hydroxide and Montmorillonite
Comparison of Sorptometric and Thermoporometric Measurements on Porous Glass and Some Others
Support Effect in the Thermal Decomposition of Some Catalyst Precursors
Characterization of Cinchonidine Doped Montmorillonite Supported Noble Metal Catalysts by Thermoanalytical Methods
Characterization of Sulfated Zirconias by DTA-TG and Drift Spectroscopy
Enthalpy of Phase Transitions and Heat Capacity of Stoichiometric Compounds in LaBr3-MBr Systems (M=K, Rb, Cs)
Low Temperature Specific Heat Capacity of 3d Transition Metal Chlorine Boracites (T3B7O13Cl; T=Cr, Mn, Fe, Co, Ni, Cu, Zn or Mg)
Thermodynamic Analysis of the System Bi-Au2Bi
Temperature Dependence of the Refractive Index for the Mixtures {CH3(CH2) x OH, x=1, 2}+ {(CH3)2CH(CH2) y OH, y=0, 1, 2} and Estimation by Means of Cubic Equations of State
Calorimetric Data and Phase Equilibria Assessment in Silicate Systems
Synthesis and Study of Some New Co(II) Polyphosphinates
Kinetics of Non-Isothermal Behaviour of Synthetic Cationites with Low Acidity
Reaction Mechanism of Fe8W10W16O85 Synthesis
Crystallization Kinetics of Glassy As2Se3
α-β Phase Re-Transformation Kinetics in Nickel Sulphide
Effect of Heating Rate on Crystallization Kinetics of Amorphous Al91La5Ni4 Alloys by DSC
Thermal Behaviour of Transition Metal-Containing Zirconium Phosphate