Optimlzation of Polypyrrole Chemical Synthesis by Heat Flow Reaction Calorimetry
Thermal Characterization of Polyurethane Acrylate Resins
Degradation Thermique D'Un Polystyrene Choc Ignifuge Par Un Melange Intumescent
Study of Ethyl Cellulose–Benzoic Acid Interactions in Matrices for Controlled Drug Release by DSC
Measurement and Calculation of Heat Capacity of Heavy Distillation Cuts Under Pressure up to 40 MPa
Synthesis and Thermal Studies of 2,4’-bipyridyl Complexes of Manganese(II) Salts
Thermal Stability of Bis-Piperidine Benzoylacetonates of Some Transition Metals
Thermogravimetric Analysis of γ-Aminopropyl-trimethoxysilane Adsorbed on Silica Support
Effect of Different Treatments on the Reducibility of NiO–Y2O3 Mixed Oxides by Hydrogen
Etude Experimentale et Modelisation des Equilibres Solide–Liquide du Systeme Binaire H2O–UO2(NO3)2
Thermal Stability of Some Polynuclear Coordination Compounds in the Systems Ln(III)–Co(II)–Oxalate
CRTA for the Thermoanalytical Screening of Volatile Compounds.
Calorimetric Curves of B–Z Oscillation Reaction Systems At Different Temperatures
Derivative Enthalpies of Adsorption of p-Xylene and m-xylene onto NaY and BaY Zeolites at 150°C.
Sodium Oxalatometallates of Rare Earths(III) (Lanthanons)
Synthesis and Thermal Decomposition of [Ni2(C4H4O6)2]·7H2O
Kinetics of Transformation of Chains in Amorphous Sulphur Doped With Phosphorus
Pyrazine Complexes of Octacyanometallates of Mo(IV) and W(IV) With 8-hydroxyquinoline.
Extrapolation of Laboratory Reaction Kinetic Data for Relief Vent Design in the Case of a Heterogeneous Runaway Reaction
Adiabatic Calorimetry Using Directly Agitated Test Cells
Novel Process Applications Usingphi-tec Ii Adiabatic Calorimeter
The Use of Adiabatic Calorimetry for the Process Analysis and Safety Evaluation in Free Radical Polymerization
Determination of Activation Energies by Using Different Factors Φ in Adiabatic Calorimetry*
ARC Study of Thermal Stability of Alkali Metal Alkoxides
Thermal Analysis