DSC Studies of the Effects of Cisplatin and Transplatin on G-Actin
Study on the Melting Process of Nitrocellulose by Thermal Analysis Method
Thermal Decomposition Mechanism, Thermodynamical and Quantum Chemical of Properties [Pb(NTO)·2(H2O)],
Thermal Decomposition Kinetics of the Zn(II) Complex with Norfloxacin in Static Air Atmosphere
Establishment of The Power–Time Curve Equation of Bacterial Growth in the Log Phase
Mechanism of Thermal Decomposition of Barium Benzoate
Preparation and Study of Epoxidized Natural Rubber
Preparation and Thermal Decomposition of Polyacrylamide and its Derivatives by Plasma-initiated Polymerization
TG Study of the Dispersion Threshold of Mn2O3 on γ-Al2O3
Kinetics of Direct Reduction of Chrome Iron Ore
Thermal Behaviour of the Complexes of Zinc Amino Acids
Thermal Behaviour of RE(His)(NO3)3·H2O
The Enthalpy of Solution in Water of Histidine Complexes of Re Nitrates
TG(M) and DTG(M) Techniques and Some of Their Applications on Material Study
Studies of Nanocrystalline Phase and Residual Amorphous Phase of FeCuNbSib Alloy Using TG(M) Technique
Combination of DSC and X-ray Diffraction in the Study of the Phase Behaviour of Lipids. Mini-review
Estimation of the Critical Temperature of Thermal Explosion for the Highly Nitrated Nitrocellulose Using Non-isothermal DSC
The Carbon Depositing Behavior and its Kinetic Research in Benzene Alkylation Process Over High Silicate ZSM-5 Zeolite
Thermal Behaviour and Decomposition Kinetics for Two Palladium(II) Complexes with 1-aminopyrene and its Derivative
Synthesis and Thermal Decomposition of the Macrocyclic Dinuclear Ni(II) Complex
Studies on the Kinetics of the First Order Autocatalytic Decomposition Reaction of Highly Nitrated Nitrocellulose
In-situ Study of Charge and Discharge of Ni-MH Battery Using the Combined Methodof Electrochemistry and Microcalorimetry
Thermokinetic Studies of the Process for Electrorefining Silver
Microcalorimetric Study of the Screening Specific Promoter Bacteria of Nutrient Drug
Microcalorimetric Studies of Zn–Al Mixed Oxides Obtained From Hydrotalcite-type Precursors
Study of the Kinetics of the Combustion Reaction on Shuangya Mountain Coal Dust by TG
Studies of Acid Properties of FeSiMCM-41 and LaSimcm-41 by NH3-microcalorimetric and NH3-TPD Measurements
Calorimetric Reaction Rate Determination with the Characteristic Kinetic Parameter Method
Time-variable Method for Studying Reaction Rates in a Calorimeter
Decomposition of Cyclohexyl-t-butyl-Dimethylammonium Tetraphenylborate.