The Journal of Thermal Analysis/Journal of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry is 30 Years Old
Heat Capacity Measurement of Boron Nitride-filled Polybenzoxazine
Thermal Characterization of Vinyl Acetate–Ethylene Copolymers
Crystal Perfection of Poly(p-phenylene Sulfide) During Cooling Using Temperature-Modulated DSC
Phase Transfer Catalysis in Polycondensation Processes
Thermal Behaviour of Glycidyl Methacrylate Homopolymers and Copolymers
On the Changes in Glass Transition Temperatures of Atactic Polypropylenes Induced by Grafting of Polar Groups
Study of the Thermal Decompositions on N,N-dialkyl-N’-benzoylthiourea Complexes of Cu(II), Ni(II), Pd(II), Pt(II), Cd(II), Ru(III) and Fe(III)
Thermal and Mechanical Properties of Polyethylenes Synthesized with Metallocene Catalysts
Thermal Behavior of Nafion Membranes
Preparation, IR Characterization and Thermal Properties of Some Metal Complexes of Isatin-3-oxime
Thermal Analysis of Fe(III) Complexes with Salicylaldehyde Semi-, Thiosemi- and S-methylisothiosemi-carbazones
Adsorption of Paraquat on Minerals
Diagramme De Phases Du Systeme Binaire CsNO3–LiNO3. Activité des constituants du liquide
The Non-isothermal Devitrification of Glasses in the SrO4GeO2–BaO4GeO2Composition Range
Thermoanalytical Studies on Copper–Iron Sulphides
Thermal Properties of Light Lanthanide 2,3,4-trimethoxybenzoates
The Thermal Decomposition of Fe(NO3)3•9H2O
Measurements of Heat of Zeolite Dehydration by Scanning Heating
Effect of the Heating Rate on Crystallization Kinetics of Mg84Ni12.5Y3.5 Amorphous Ribbons
Thermochemical Properties of Chemically Modified Zeolite
On the Validity of the Steady-state Approximation in Non-isothermal Kinetics
Improved Iterative Version of the Coats-Redfern Method to Evaluate Non-isothermal Kinetic Parameters
Dynamic DSC Characterization of Epoxy Resin by Means of the Avrami Equation
Transformation-governed Heating Techniques in Thermal Analysis I.
Transformation-governed Heating Techniques in Thermal Analysis II.
Titration Calorimetric Investigations on the Interactions of Zn(II) Porphyrin Complexes with Pyridine in Benzene and Chloroform at 298.15 K
Liquid Cooling of Electronic Devices by Single-phase Convection