Teaching Thermal Analysis of Polymeric Materials
Anomalies of Glass Transition
Miscibility of Some Polycarbonates with Polyvinyl Chloride and Chlorinated Polyvinyl Chloride
DSC and p-V-T Study of PVC/PMMA Blends
DSC Studies of Thermally Induced Phase Separation of Hydrogen Bonded Polymer Blends
Structure and Morphology of a Polyether/Polyacrylate Semi-interpenetrating Polymer Network
A DSC Study on Cure Kinetics of HTPB-IPDI Urethane Reaction
Phase Behavior of Polymer Blends
Dynamic Mechanical Characterization of Molecular Motion in a Wide Temperature Range of Various Polymers Containing Propylene Units
Viscoelasticity and Thermal Analysis
Thermal and Dynamic-mechanical Characterization of Uni- and Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene Films
The Effect of Side Chain Association on Thermal and Viscoelastic Properties
Quartz Microbalance Microcalorimetry
The Principles of Micro-thermal Analysis and its Application to the Study of Macromolecules
Glass and Structural Transitions Measured at Polymer Surfaces on the Nanoscale
TMDSC and Atomic Force Microscopy Studies of Morphology and Recrystallization in Polyesters Including Oriented Films
Structural Development During Thermal Fractionation of Polyethylenes
General Theory of Steady State of tm-DSC and its Application to Complex Heat Capacity Measurements
Frequency Dependence of the Dynamic Heat Capacity at the Melting Temperature of Polyethylene Crystals
Crystallization of Polymers Studied by Temperature Modulated Calorimetric Measurements at Different Frequencies
Measuring the Glass Transition of Thermosets by Alternating Differential Scanning Calorimetry
TMDSC and Dynamic Rheometry, Gelation, Vitrification and Autoacceleration in the Cure of an Unsaturated Polyester Resin
Structural Effects on the Decomposition Kinetics of EPDM Elastomers by High-resolution TGA and Modulated TGA
Expansion and Shrinkage of Fibers
Integrated circuit thermal analysis
The Thermal Degradation Mechanism and Thermal Mechanical Properties of Two High Performance Heterocyclic Polymer Fibers
Controlled Rate Thermogravimetry
Thermal Degradation Studies of Some Aliphatic Polyamides Using Hyphenated Techniques (TG-MS, TG-FTIR)
Studies of Fire-retardant Polyester Thermosets Using Thermal Methods
Characterisation of Polyurethane Coatings Using Thermoanalytical Techniques
Thermal Analysis Applied to Discarded Car Bumpers
Crystallization and Melting of Model Polyethylenes with Different Chain Structures
Applications of Successive Self-nucleation and Annealing (SSA) to Polymer Characterization
Comonomer Distribution in Polyethylenes Analysed by DSC After Thermal Fractionation
Quiesent Crystallization Kinetics of Nucleated Metallocene and ZN Isotactic Polypropylenes
Nucleating Agents in Polypropylene
Composition-dependent Properties of Polyethylene/Kaolin Composites
Thermal Properties of the Polyamide from 2-methylpentamethylenediamine and Dodecanedioic Acid
Thermal Behaviour of Polymers Based on Nadimides
Anomalous Melting of Poly(phenylene Oxide)
Thermal Analysis of Semi-dilute Hyaluronan Solutions
Thermal Analysis Characterization of a Commercial Thermoplastic/Thermoset Adhesive
The Effect of Heat and Moisture Treatments on Enzyme Digestibility of AeWx, Aewx and aeWx Corn Starches
Characterisation of Leather Samples by Non-invasive Dielectric and Thermomechanical Techniques
Application of TGA/DTA/MS to the Historic Preservation of Stone