New Regional Editor
The 7th Polish Seminar
Solid State Coordination Chemistry
Mechanism of Thermal Decomposition of d-metals Nitrates Hydrates
Influence of DSC Measurement Conditions on Kinetic Parameters of Thermal Decomposition of 2,4,6-trinitrotoluene
Theoretical and Experimental Investigations of The Decomposition of 10-methylacridinium Halides
Phase Transitions of Polyamide 6/Polyurethane Blends Compatibilized by Copolyurethaneamides
Thermal Analysis for Control of the Properties of Mineral Fertilizers
The Use of Thermogravimetry to Assess The Effect of Mechanical Activation of Selected Inorganic Salts
Phase Analysis of High-calcium Lime by TG
Hydration of Cement Slurry in The Presence of Spent Cracking Catalyst
The Coincidence of Mass Integrals g(α)
Thermokinetics of The Combustion of Carbon Containing Materials
Estimation of the Parameters Describing the Changes of Conversion Degree Under Polyisothermal Conditions
Thermal Analysis of Binary Systems
Thermal Decomposition of Triazine Herbicides
Properties of Polyurethanes Based on Mesogenic Diol and 4,4’-methylenebis(cyclohexyl Isocyanate)
DSC Studies on Melting and Crystallization of Polyamide 6/Biopol Blends
Spectral and Thermal Studies of Rare Earth Element 3-methylglutarates
Thermal Stability of 2,3,4-, 2,4,5- and 3,4,5-tri- Methoxybenzoates of Light Lanthanides
Thermal Analysis of Manganese(II) Complexes With L-proline and L-hydroxyproline
Synthesis and Thermal Decomposition of Mixed 2,4’-bipyridine-oxalato Complexes With Mn(II), Co(II), Ni(II) and Cu(II)
Synthesis and Thermal Decomposition of New Complexes of Bipyridine Isomers With Zinc(II) and Cadmium(II) Oxalates
Thermal Decomposition of Spatially Hindered Phenols Using Chromatomass-spectrometric System
Calorimetric and Thermal Investigation of Metal Derivatives of 6-aminopicolinic Acid
Initial Studies on the Oxide System Cr2O3–Sb2O4
Phase Equilibria in the System Fe2O3–V2O5 –WO3 in the Solid State
Reactivity of Zn3V2O8 Towards ZnMoO4 in the Solid State
Phase Relations in The System Al2(MoO4)3–V2O5
On The Way to Fe–C60 Compounds
Phase Equilibria in The System La2O3–K2O–P2O5
Phase Equilibria in the System YPO4–K3PO4–KMgPO4
Thermal Synthesis of the Zn1–x CO x O Pigments
The Thermal Synthesis of the ZnO–Bi2O3 Pigments
The Thermal Analysis of Binary Zn(II)–Sr(II) Cyclo-tetraphosphates
Reduction and Oxidation of Simple Oxocuprates
Thermal Analysis in Studies of Technological Waste Materials to Be Subjected to Thermal Treatment
Studies of Thermal Transformations of Petrochemical Wastes For Obtaining Mineral-carbon Sorbents
Influence of Gas Atmosphere on Removal of Sulphate Groups From Titanium Oxide
Influence of Some Aggressive Media on Corrosion Resistance of Mortars With Spent Cracking Catalyst
Model Studies of Doped Iron Oxides
The Use of Thermogravimetry in the Study of Rubber Devulcanization
Use of Thermoanalytical Methods in Prediction of Thermal Endurance of Insulating Impregnating Varnishes
Thermal Degradation of Plastics Compounded With Petroleum-derived Bitumens
Studies on Thermal Decomposition of Pitch-polymer Compositions
Influence of The Elemental Composition of Medicinal Fruits on The Results of Their Thermal Analysis
Thermal Decomposition of Some Chemical Compounds Used As Food Preservatives and Kinetic Parameters of This Process
Dynamic Mechanical Thermal Analysis of Polyamide 6/Biopol Blends