List of Selected Papers of Prof. Dr. Jaroslav Šesták
New Adventures in Thermal Analysis
Monitoring of the Gas Phase Composition
Practical Thermogravimetry
Temperature Calibration of TMAs Using Modulated Temperature and Curie Temperature Reference Standards
Obtaining Modulated Temperature DSC Curves Through a Non-conventional DSC Method
The Development of Gas-flow Modulation for High-frequency MTDSC measurements
Reversible Melting During Crystallization of Polymers Studied by Temperature Modulated Techniques (TMDSC, TMDMA)
Kinetic Response of An Epoxy Thermosetting System Observed by TMDSC
‘Gie Me Ae Spark O’ Nature's Fire’* An Insight Into Cell Physiology From Calorimetry
A Calorimetric Study of Alloy Formation in Au–Cu and Au–In Systems
Calculation of Thermodynamic Properties and of Liquidus Line Positions for Na–K Alloys
Excess Molar Enthalpies and Excess Molar Volumes of Binary Mixtures of Benzene and Alkanols with Quinoline
Solid-state Decompositions – Stagnation or Progress?
The Thermodynamic Driving Force in the Kinetic Evaluation of Thermoanalytical Curves
Non-isothermal Kinetics of Consecutive Reactions
Application of the Šesták–Berggren Equation to Organic and Inorganic Materials of Practical Interest
The Accuracy of Senum and Yang's Approximations to the Arrhenius Integral
Kinetic Studies of the Thermal Decomposition of KDNBF, a Primer for Explosives
Thermodynamics and Kinetics of the Thermal Decomposition of N,N,N-trimethylmethanaminium and 1-methylpyridinium Halides
Kinetic Analysis of the Thermal Decomposition of Synthetic Malachite by CRTA
Prospects of Materials Science
Structural Relaxation in Amorphous Solids Studied by Thermal Analysis Methods
Annealing of Glass Surface Roughness and Subsurface Irregularities Characterised by Means of Emanation Thermal Analysis
Use of Emanation Thermal Analysis in Characterisation of Nanosized Hematite Prepared by Dry Grinding of Goethite
Thermal and Chemical Properties of a Glass in the SiO2–CaO–F System for Dental Applications
Thermal Transformations of CuNH4PO4⋅H2O
A Thermal and Structural Study On Lanthanum Hexacyanocobaltate(III) Pentahydrate, La[Co(CN)6]⋅5H2O
Thermal Reactivity of Fossilized Dinosaur Eggshells
Society as a Many-Particle System
On the Sociobiology of Hawks and Doves
On the Development of the Temperature Concept
Scale Axis, Fractals and Some Thermal Phenomena
Databases in Materials Science
Thermochemical Aspects of the Conversion of the Gaseous System CO2–N2–H2O into a Solid Mixture of Amino Acids