Thermal Decomposition of Silver Flake Lubricants
Decomposition of Bio-polymers of Some Mediterranean Plants During Heating
Complexation of Aliphatic Alcohols by α- and β-Cyclodextrins and their Partial Methylated Derivatives in Aqueous Solution
Thermal Behaviour of Pharmacologically Active Lithium Compounds
Enzymatic Reactions for the Calorimetric Detection of Phenolic Compounds
Mechanism of Optical Resolutions via Diastereoisomeric Salt Formation.
Degradation Thermique des Polystyrenes et du Polychlorure de Vinyle
DSC Investigations of DDAB, DTAB and DHAB Vesicle Aqueous Solutions in Presence of SDS
Heat Capacity Measurements Using Temperature-modulated Heat Flux DSC with Close Control of the Heater Temperature
Temperature and Heat Flow Calibration of A DSC-instrument in the Temperature Range Between –100 and 160°C
Thermal Studies on Ammonium Uranates
X-ray, Thermal and Infrared Spectroscopic Studies on Potassium, Rubidium and Caesium Uranyl Oxalate Hydrates
Thermal Decomposition of Trialkyl/Arylphosphine Gold(I) Cyanide Complexes
Some Tribenzyl Tin(IV) Complexes with Thiohydrazides and Thiodiamines. Synthesis, characterization and thermal studies
Spectral and Thermal Studies of Mn(II), Co(II), Ni(II), Cu(II), Zn(II) and Cd(II) Complexes with 3-methylglutaric Acid
Thermal Studies on Lanthanide Nitrate Complexes of 4-n-(2'-furfurylidene)aminoantipyrine
Thermal Studies on Some Lanthanide Complexes
Diagramme Polythermique du Systeme Ternaire NaCl–FeCl2–H2O entre 0 et 70°C
Etude du Systeme Ternaire H2O–Al(NO3)3–Mg(NO3)2 I – Isothermes 15, 25, 30, 40 et 50°C
Thermal and Pore Structural Characteristics of Polymer-impregnated and Superplasticized Cement Pastes
Oxidation of Metal Sulphides and Determination of Characteristic Temperatures by DTA and TG
A Partial System LaPO4–Ca2P2O7–Ca(PO3)2–La(PO3)3
Catalytic Effect of Some Chromites on the Thermal Decomposition of KClO4.
On the Validity of the Steady-state Approximation in Non-isothermal Kinetics.
Thermokinetic Research Method for Simple-order Reactions.
A Thermoanalytical Study of the Solid State Reactions in the K2CO3–MxOy Systems.
Non-isothermal Kinetic Study of the Heterogeneous Thermal Decomposition of a Mannich Compound
Thermal Decomposition Studies of Mixed Rare Earth Hydrogen Selenite Crystals
Preparation of Mixed Co and Cu Oxides via Thermal Decomposition of Their Oxalates, and Study of Their Catalytic Properties
Comparative Thermodynamic Analysis of the Bi–Ga0.1Sb0.9 Section in the Bi–Ga–Sb System
Plasma Technologies for Reducing CO2 Emissions From Combustion Exhaust with Toxic Admixtures to Utilisable Products
Thermodynamic Investigations in the Bi–O System*
Miracle of Reinforced States of Matter. Glasses
Extraction of Cr(III) with HEH[EHP] in Benzene or Cyclohexane, Using a Perfusion/titration Microcalorimetric Method
Handbook of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry, Series editor: Patrick K. Gallagher, From Macromolecules to Man, Volume editor
Short report on HIP-2000