Thermosensitive Water–Polymer Systems Studied by Luminescent Spectroscopy
Molecular Modelling of Thermodynamic and Related Properties of Mixtures
Trout Erythrocyte Membranes
Method of Separating the Sensitive Volume of Calorimetric Cells in a Differential Titration Calorimeter
Analysis of DSC Data Relating to Proteins Undergoing Irreversible Thermal Denaturation
Metastable State of the Fc Fragment
Study of Thermodynamic Functions of Soil Organic Matter in the Course of Its Decomposition
DSC Study of the Postdenaturated Structures in Biopolymer–water Systems
Calorimetric Study of the Glass Transition Process in Humid Proteins and DNA
Effect of Gadolinium(III) Ions on the Phase Behaviour of Dimyristoylphosphatidyl Serine Multilamellar Liposomes
Transition State of Heat Denaturation of Methionine Aminopeptidase from a Hyperthermophile
Evaluation of the Chemical Exergy of Fuels and Petroleum Fractions
Compatibility Range in Polymer Mixtures
Differential Scanning Microcalorimeter SCAL-1
Thermal Analysis of Solid-Solid Interactions in Binary Mixtures of Alkylcyclohexanes Using DSC
Phase Diagram of EC–DMC Binary System and Enthalpic Determination of Its Eutectic Composition
Bifonazole-β-cyclodextrin Inclusion Complexes
Etude du Diagramme Polythermique du Système Ternaire NaCl–FeCl3–H2O de 5 à 50°C
Al–Ga–Zn Phase Diagram. Calorimetric study of the isobaric invariants
On the Apparent Compensation Effect Found for Two Consecutive Reactions
Characteristic Events in Free Radical Polymerization of Lower n-alkyl Methacrylates
The Thermal Degradation of Poly(dimethyl Itaconate-co-4-vinylpyridine)
Thermodynamic Properties of Hydrofullerene C60H36 from 5 to 340 K
Synthesis, Identification and Thermal Decomposition of Double Sulfates of Mn, Cu and Cd with Benzylammonium
Temperature-programmed Reduction of Metal-exchanged Zeolite-a Catalysts
Reactivity of Binary Mixtures of La(III) Oxide and Cu(II) Oxalate or Nitrate and Synthesis of La(III) Cuprate
Physico-chemical Studies on Thermal Decomposition of Alkali Tris(maleato)ferrates(III)
Studies on Energetic (Non) Compounds. Part 21
Effect of Solution pH and Composition on Horse Liver Alcohol Dehydrogenase Thermostability
Short Comments on Kinetic Models Involving Changes in Activation Energy