Thermal Destruction of Polydimethyl-Siloxane on a Phosphorus-containing Silica Surface
New Prospective Ni-catalytic Materials
Chemical Modification of Activated Carbons
Microbalance and Related Studies of High-temperature Superconductors
Influence of Confinement on The Phase Transition And Spectral Characteristics of Nematic Liquid Crystals
Influence of Encapsulation on The Mechanism of Thermal Destruction of Cyanide Transition Metal Complexes
Gravimetric And Quantum-chemical Study of Interaction of Monoethanolamine Vapor With Silica Surface
Oxidation of Hydrogen by Metal Complexes of Platinum and Palladium Immobilized on Silica
Study of Water, Methanol And Isopropanol Adsorption on The Surface of Titanosilicas of Different Structure
A Unique Oscillatory Phenomenon Revealed by A Microweighing Method
Temperature-programmed Desorption Mass Spectrometry
Influence of the Degree of Dehydroxylation of Kaolinite on the Properties of Aluminosilicate Glasses
Fast Gas Adsorption Measurements For Complicated Adsorption Mechanisms
Gravimetric, Volumetric And Calorimetric Studies of The Surface Structure of Portland Cement
Peculiarities of the Porous Structure of Aluminosilicate Mesoporous Substances Obtained in The Presence of Biotemplates
Thermogravimetric and Microgravimetric Studies of the Surface Properties of a High-temperature Superconductor
Studies of Benzene Adsorption Layers on Silica Gels by Thermal Analysis and McBain Balance Methods
Adsorption and Thermodynamic Study of Pyrogenic Alumina Properties
Thermal Behavior of Dispersed Vanadium Dioxide Particles in Polyethylene Glycol Matrix Containing Tetraethylammonium Bromide
Investigations of Deintercalation Processes in Graphite Intercalation Compounds With SbCl5 and ICl
Study of Thermodestruction Processes in Polypropylene/exfoliated Graphite Composites
Microbalance Techniques in Design and Control of Synthetic Carbons
Thermogravimetric Study of Carbonization Processes for Industrial Porous Co-polymers of Spherical Granules
Contactless Weighing Up to High Pressures For Analysing Adsorption And Density of Fluids
Magnetic Suspension Balance For Simultaneous Measurement of a Sample and the Density of the Measuring Fluid
Thermal Stability of Silica-polyorganosiloxane Systems
Identifying Physical and Chemical Phenomena with Gravimetric Water Sorption Analysis
Immobilization of Optically Active Olefins on the Silica Surface by Combined Hydrosilylation and Sol–gel Technology
Covalent Attachment of Some Phenol Derivatives to the Silica Surface by Use of Single-stage Aminomethylation
Complex Analysis of Phosphate-based Material Oxidation
Investigation of Metal State in Metal-Containing Zeolite Catalysts by DTA and ESR Methods
Characterization of Aluminium Oxide Samples by Means of Special Thermal Analysis Techniques
Mesoporous Titanium-containing Silicas
Determination of Active Metal in Ultradispersed Iron Powders and TG Study of Their Oxidation
Michael Archangel and Balance
The Adsorption of Methanol Vapors on Silica Gel Si-100 and Its Surface Containing Different Concentrations of Chemically Bonded Fluoride Ions
Adsorption of Methanol From the Liquid Mobile Phase on the Column Packing Surface