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High-Risk Cardiac Surgery in Patients with Intravenous Drug Abuse and/or Active Hepatitis C or HIV Infection: An Ethical Discussion of Six Cases
Editor's Commentary
Invited Commentary
Invited Commentary: High Risk Cardiac Surgery in Intravenous Drug-Addicted Patients: Are There Any Limits for Repetitive Surgical Treatment?
Invited Commentary
Invited Commentary: From Moral Reflexes to Ethical Reflection: Ethical Commentary on the Refusal of Cardiac Surgery in Patients with Intravenous Drug Abuse, Active Hepatitis C, or HIV/AIDS
Ethical Dilemmas at the Bedside: How Do We Decide?
“ Meglio e La Piccola Certezza Che la Gran Bugia ” (The Little Truth is Better than the Big Lie) - Leonardo da Vinci
Grundvoraussetzungen herzchirurgischer Einheiten zur Behandlung von Patienten mit angeborenen Herzfehlern
Bovine Jugular Veins versus Homografts in the Pulmonary Position: An Analysis across Two Centers and 711 Patients—Conventional Comparisons and Time Status Graphs as a New Approach
A Novel Designed Valved Conduit for RVOT Reconstruction in Grown-up Congenital Heart Patients: a Glimpse Down the Road
Development of a Model Identifying Fontan Patients at High Risk for Failed Early Extubation in the Operating Room
Custodiol Solution and Cold Blood Cardioplegia in Arterial Switch Operation: Retrospective Analysis in a Single Center
Right Atrial Flap Repair for Left Superior Vena Cava Draining into Left Atrium
Scoring of Deformed Costal Cartilages Reduces Postoperative Pain after Nuss Procedure for Pectus Excavatum
Chest Wall Constriction after the Nuss Procedure Identified from Chest Radiograph and Multislice Computed Tomography Shortly after Removal of the Bar
Emerging Fixation Technique to Prevent Pectus Bar Displacement: Needlescope-Assisted 3-Point Fixation
Previously Complicated Nuss Procedure Does Not Preclude Blind Removal of the Bar