Presidential address: Changing boundaries
Peer review: Recognition and responsibility
New heart failure therapy: The shape of things to come?
Management strategies for infants with coarctation and an associated ventricular septal defect
Tricuspid insufficiency
Breaking down barriers: Helpful breakthrough statistical methods you need to understand better
Mechanical circulatory support for the treatment of children with acute fulminant myocarditis
Prime solutions for cardiopulmonary bypass in neonates: Antioxidant capacity of prime based on albumin or fresh frozen plasma
Low-dose postoperative aprotinin reduces mediastinal drainage and blood product use in patients undergoing primary coronary artery bypass grafting who are taking aspirin: A prospective, randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial
Superior cavopulmonary anastomosis suppresses the activity and expression of pulmonary angiotensin-converting enzyme
Effects of storage solutions on in vitro vasoreactivity of radial artery conduits
Opioids confer myocardial tolerance to ischemia: Interaction of delta opioid agonists and antagonists
Device-based change in left ventricular shape: A new concept for the treatment of dilated cardiomyopathy
Video-assisted thoracic surgical implantation of an endocardial pacemaker: A challenging procedure
Glutaraldehyde-fixed bovine jugular vein as a substitute for the pulmonary valve in the Ross operation
Combined heart-kidney transplantation with single-donor allografts
Is profound hypothermia required for storage of cardiac allografts?
Vascular cell adhesion molecule-1 up-regulation and phenotypic modulation of vascular smooth muscle cells predate mononuclear infiltration in transplant arteriopathy
Angiogenic proteins in the lungs of children after cavopulmonary anastomosis
Coarctation of the aorta and ventricular septal defect: Should we perform a single-stage repair?
Comparison of pulmonary arterial flow phenomena in spiral and Lecompte models by computational fluid dynamics
Assessment of cardiovascular dynamics by pressure-area relations in pediatric patients with congenital heart disease
Surgical treatment of primary lung cancer with synchronous brain metastases
Healing of a free tracheal autograft is enhanced by topical vascular endothelial growth factor in an experimental rabbit model
Thymectomy in the treatment of ocular myasthenia gravis
Comparison of survival after mitral valve replacement with biologic and mechanical valves in 1139 patients
Single-stage reoperative repair of chronic type A aortic dissection by means of the arch-first technique
Fate of mild aortic valve disease after mitral valve intervention
The reversed and bidirectional elephant trunk technique in the treatment of complex aortic aneurysms
Residual stress produced by ventricular volume reduction surgery has little effect on ventricular function and mechanics: A finite element model study
Regional differences in myocardial work of the left ventricle in patients with idiopathic dilated cardiomyopathy: Implications for the surgical technique used for left ventriculoplasty
Staged coronary artery bypass grafting after percutaneous angioplasty for intracranial vascular stenosis
Exact quantitative selective annuloplasty of the tricuspid valve
The fate of the unligated vertical vein after surgical correction of total anomalous pulmonary venous connection in early infancy
The fate of the unligated vertical vein after surgical correction of total anomalous pulmonary venous connection in early infancy
Do patients with adenosquamous carcinoma of the lung need a more aggressive approach?
Posttraumatic pulmonary hernia
Apolipoprotein E genotype differentially influences the proinflammatory and anti-inflammatory response to cardiopulmonary bypass
The effects of the Harmonic Scalpel on the vasoreactivity and endothelial integrity of the radial artery: A comparison of two different techniques
Surgical management of an atherosclerotic aneurysm of the left main coronary artery
A swollen shoulder after repair of acute dissection of the aorta: An unusual presentation of a compartment syndrome
Indefinite survival of fully allogeneic cardiac grafts induced by antigen delivery through the alimentary tract
Tirofiban therapy does not increase the risk of hemorrhage after emergency coronary surgery
Needlescopic surgery for palmar hyperhidrosis
Needlescopic surgery for palmar hyperhidrosis
Superior vena cava–left atrial connection for Eisenmenger syndrome
Superior vena cava–left atrial connection for Eisenmenger syndrome
Surgical intervention for anomalous origin of the left coronary artery from the pulmonary artery
Surgical intervention for anomalous origin of the left coronary artery from the pulmonary artery
A few words about multiple choice tests: An open letter to the American Board of Thoracic Surgery
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Announcement of 2002 Annual Meeting
Announcement of 2002 Annual Meeting
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