Responsibilities of investigators
Controversies in cardiothoracic surgery: Is it ethical to advertise surgical results to increase referrals?
The Insulin Cardioplegia Trial
Gain and subsequent loss of lung function after lung volume reduction surgery in cases of severe emphysema with different morphologic patterns
Gene transfer of human prostacyclin synthase into the liver is effective for the treatment of pulmonary hypertension in rats
Despite some expression of folate receptor α in human mesothelioma cells, internalization of methotrexate is predominantly carrier mediated
Internal thoracic artery grafting in the elderly patient undergoing coronary artery bypass grafting: Room for process improvement?
Septal-lateral annular cinching abolishes acute ischemic mitral regurgitation
Cardiomyoplasty: Ventricular reconstruction after tumor resection
Vacuum-assisted closure therapy guided by C-reactive protein level in patients with deep sternal wound infection
Extrathoracic cannulation of the left common carotid artery in thoracic aorta operations through a left thoracotomy: Preliminary experience in 26 patients
Dynamic balance of the aortomitral junction
Curative treatment of atrial fibrillation with intraoperative radiofrequency ablation: Short-term and midterm results
The Insulin Cardioplegia Trial: Myocardial protection for urgent coronary artery bypass grafting
Use of the Cobra catheter for targeted temperature management during cardiopulmonary bypass in swine
Failure of retrograde cerebral perfusion to attenuate metabolic changes associated with hypothermic circulatory arrest
Tissue factor as the main activator of the coagulation system during cardiopulmonary bypass
Sodium/hydrogen-exchanger inhibition during cardioplegic arrest and cardiopulmonary bypass: An experimental study
Virtual bronchoscopy for evaluation of malignant tumors of the thorax
Interruption of patent ductus arteriosus in children: Robotically assisted versus videothoracoscopic surgery
Postauricular percutaneous power delivery for permanent mechanical circulatory support
Single fibers of skeletal muscle as a novel graft for cell transplantation to the heart
Solitary arterial trunk with absence of the ascending aorta: Embryologic considerations
Intra-atrial rerouting by transference of the posterior left atrial wall for cardiac-type total anomalous pulmonary venous return
Atrial septum around the fossa ovalis: An ideal patch for the ventricular septal defect
A simple and useful option for treatment of acute type A dissection with the tear beyond the aortic arch
Cerebrospinal fluid drainage as a useful treatment option to relieve paraplegia after stent-graft implantation for acute aortic dissection type B
Aortic balloon occlusion catheter with perfusion lumen for protection of lower body during distal anastomosis in aortic arch repair
Coronary artery bypass in the ambulatory patient
Saved by the bell: Early surgical treatment for cardiosystemic thromboembolism
Vasopressin reversal of phenoxybenzamine-induced hypotension after the Norwood procedure
Subacute left ventricular rupture complicated by free wall rupture: Repair with a TachoComb sheet and Tissucol glue
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Worldwide maldistribution of access to cardiac surgery
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