Presidential address
Endoscopic saphenous vein harvesting
The Fontan operation, thromboembolism, and anticoagulation
Randomized trial of endoscopic versus open vein harvest for coronary artery bypass grafting
Surgical treatment of ischemic mitral regurgitation might not influence ventricular remodeling
Left ventricular mass regression after aortic valve replacement with 17-mm St Jude Medical mechanical prostheses in isolated aortic stenosis
Acute poststernotomy mediastinitis managed with debridement and closed-drainage aspiration
Imbalanced chordal force distribution causes acute ischemic mitral regurgitation
Is postoperative calcium channel blocker therapy needed in patients with radial artery grafts?
The effect of bilateral internal thoracic artery harvesting on superficial and deep sternal infection
Efficacy of intraluminal pulmonary artery banding
Complex aortic valve repair as a durable and effective alternative to valve replacement in children with aortic valve disease
The effect of repair technique on postoperative right-sided obstruction in patients with truncus arteriosus
Prophylaxis of thromboembolic complications after the Fontan operation (total cavopulmonary anastomosis)
Risk factors for cognitive dysfunction after coronary artery bypass graft surgery in patients with type 2 diabetes
Dynamic and differential changes in myocardial and plasma endothelin in patients undergoing cardiopulmonary bypass
Side differences in cerebrovascular accidents after cardiac surgery
Polarized arrest with warm or cold adenosine/lidocaine blood cardioplegia is equivalent to hypothermic potassium blood cardioplegia
Assessment of minimally invasive direct coronary artery bypass grafting of the left internal thoracic artery by means of magnetic resonance imaging
Two-dimensional and 3-dimensional optical coherence tomographic imaging of the airway, lung, and pleura
Does esophagogastric anastomotic technique influence the outcome of patients with esophageal cancer?
Feasibility and safety of airway bypass stent placement and influence of topical mitomycin C on stent patency
Radiofrequency ablation for the treatment of non–small cell lung cancer in marginal surgical candidates
Emergency endovascular interventions for acute thoracic aortic rupture
Surveillance computed tomography after complete resection for non–small cell lung cancer
Repair of congenital heart lesions combined with lung transplantation for the treatment of severe pulmonary hypertension
Historical Perspectives of The American Association for Thoracic Surgery
Regurgitation through a stentless prosthesis treated with aortic root banding
Cardiac pheochromocytoma
Internal thoracic artery injury after transvenous pacemaker implantation
A method of using the pulmonary trunk to form a trileaflet valve
Stapled excision of the left atrial appendage
Acute mitral regurgitation caused by papillary muscle rupture in the immediate postpartum period revealing Ehlers-Danlos syndrome type IV
Endovascular treatment of right-sided subclavian artery aneurysm in a congenitally malformed aortic arch
A successful total cavopulmonary connection conversion 13 years after an anatomic repair for tricuspid atresia IIc with severe pulmonary resistance
Could multidetector computed tomography play a role in the management of patients readmitted with recurrent chest pain after surgical coronary revascularization?
Unusually located intrathoracic extrapulmonary mediastinal hydatid cyst manifesting as Pancoast syndrome
Video-assisted mediastinoscopy
Successful closure of an empyema space associated with persistent bronchopleural fistula
Extended right pneumonectomy with partial left atrial resection for primary leiomyosarcoma of the mediastinum
Vascular endothelial growth factor before cells
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